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"Oh Snap!" Busted

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zealt, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. Today for about the 10th time in over a year i was filtering at the lights ,(no not ten times filtering) I moved out from behind the car i was following, down the middle only to find myself next to the marked cop car in front :oops: of them!!!

    Today i just stopped next to it, in the blind spot and waited for them to take off and make a quick dive down the closest street just after they pass it and cant turn around quickly.

    A few other times i have realized ive filtered to the front only to have a cop car at the front with me too, or have one at another set of lights either crossing my path or whatever.
    Its scary , more so now i have had 2 mates loose their licenses with run ins with the cops, 1 for 1 month the other for 6. (yes speeding, no nobody was killed, weird huhh)

    How often has this happened to you and have you been busted for it?

  2. Apart from RBTs (and an unpleasant country cop in Singelton in 1975) I must say that any cops I've seen while I've been on the bike seem to be very disinterested in me.....
  3. Need to work on your copdar, my friend. I tend to pick them up a mile off and take appropriate action.

  4. "marked cop car" Learn to ride with your eyes open.

    I have done this and ended up next to an unmarked car but just kept going, but they were in a hurry for coffee and donuts so nothing happened.
  5. meh, I split at speed each morning and see an unmarked most days sitting in traffic. I slow right down, use the indicators when changing from, lane to lane and they generally leave me alone.

    When filtering, I just ride past them.
  6. i once split up the wrong side of the road to only come near to level with a marked police car at the front of the lights. ( i couldn't see it even though i look well ahead ).

    quickly pulled in front of car behind and they drove off.


    never split again on the wrong side of the road ( very stupid i know ).

    /welcomes all flames

  7. You are a dreadful human :twisted: Twenty lashings in Martin Place for you.

    OK so not the smartest thing to do but Im sure you wont be doing it again. You are now cleared of the guilt lol
  8. Usually, they have beter things to do, than to bother you.
  9. so what are you going to wear when you give him the lashings?
  10. Shift jacket, Sidis and Draggins :grin:

    All the gear all the time lol
  11. I often open my eyes while riding he helps me avoid running in to things, but unfortunately I'm still unable to see through vehicles larger then your average car, like a van, truck, bus, elephants and mini minors.
  12. My only offence in the last ~5 years is from filtering. An unmarked HWP chased me into the RNP after I filtered past it. I now pay a lot of attention to the cars past which I filter :shock:
  13. Do you find that gives you all the protection you need?
  14. For this purpose yeah ;) Wouldnt need the helmet or gloves for that haha.
  15. Where I'm from in Sydney they don't really care so long as the traffic isn't moving.
  16. Filtering vs splitting

    If the traffic is stopped you are permitted to filter to the front. Once traffic is moving the same manouver is considered as "Lane splitting". Although not technically an infringement (this is something we hope they never actually legislate against) they will book you for passing on the left which is a 3 point expensive fine.

    Just make sure you are not filtering in a bus lane as they will book you for that as well.

  17. Re: Filtering vs splitting

    tell that to the mutiple people on here who have been booked for that same rule given the initial conditions you stated
  18. Re: Filtering vs splitting

    Dunno 'bout Vic, but in SA I've been told there's no specific legislation, but they will book you for passing too close, driving dangerously, or whatever they can think of which is equivalent with how bad they think it is.
  19. I think in Melbourne it comes down to the cop the traffic and what the rider is doing. I normally only do it when the traffic is stopped or moving very slowly in areas that have extra wide lanes. I have ridden past marked and unmarked cars that have done nothing. But you can always get a cop on a bad day.

    I see plenty of riders doing stupid things like lane splitting at 80KPH and over in moving traffic, they don’t do them or us any favours.
  20. If you filter past stationery traffic, use your indicators and do it sensibly, your chances of being picked up are very low. Filtering in itself is not illegal. You could however be picked up for failure to indicate or overtaking on the left.

    However under the latest Australian Road Rules, overtaking a stationery vehicle on the left is legal - however Victoria has not yet implemented these.