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Oh shit... I need some help...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by whoopsy, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Hi there,

    I regret to say/am thrilled to announce that somewhat impulsively i went out and purchased an brand new Daytona 675 the other, day over the phone whilst driving back from Bendigo to Sydney.

    Now whilst i have grown up on the land and have ridden since i was a pup it has always been on dirt and i am only on my L's. Im 27 yrs old and feel that i have alot of my insane speeding days behind me and now have a healthy fear of death and a respect for the fact that riding my bike is a bloody dangerous past time. I still ride alot of trails and on farm riding so am comfortable with the fundamentals of riding but have literally never ridden a sports bike and am afraid that i will kill myself.

    Forget that i am not even licensed to ride the bike, i am being realistic - i am going to ride it regardless. When i walk into the garage i am faced with a kitted out XR great for bush bashing or a shit hot Daytona... i know what is going to win when i am not hitting the trails. I realsie that buying the Daytona was probably a bloody stupid move but it is done now.

    I guess i am hoping to see if any of you out there have any suggestions on what the best way to go about this is? I have booked myself into a course at Eastern Creek. Some of the other courses will not let me join them as i am not legally resistered to ride my bike.

    I have noticed some talk of a mentoring on the forum and would be very appreciative if there is some people in Sydney who might be willing to help me out with this. If you have any other suggestions i would be grateful to hear from you.

  2. Might I tactfully suggest that leaping on a forum without introducing yourself and announcing (if I read you right) that you intend to do something as irresponsible and illegal as riding unlicensed, is probably not going to get you a sympathetic response.

    Go and get your license the right way. Come back when you're ready to do so.
  3. Mentoring someone on their Ls with a bike like that is nuts in my book.

    And welcome to the forums - having someone tell you off that quick means you are obviously one of us :p
  4. He's on his L's so it's technically riding an unapproved motorcycle
  5. At least you have realised there is a lot of difference between riding
    on the road and riding on the dirt.

    Go do a road training course to get your L's straight away.The sooner
    you do this the sooner you will be able to ride your Daytona
    legally. If at all possible do it this weekend.
    Pay attention and it might even help your
    dirt skills, your dirt skills will help also but will not
    teach you everything about handling a bike on the road, and...
    riding on the road is not just about handling a bike.

    I am glad you have realised you have done something impulsive and want
    to get started on the "getting legal" process. However you must remember
    that the only way to be legal is to park your daytona in the garage for
    more than a year, and only bring it out for racetrack days.

    Hmm that's not a bad idea either, after you've done the Ls course and
    some more advanced work, but start in the slow group and get
    coaching and instruction as much as possible.
  6. If your doing impulsive things do it right and trade the daytona in on a zx10 :p
  7. Go to Dymocks and Borders in the city on the weekend, and between them find a couple of books on road riding. They had the Motorcycle Safety Foundation one in Dymocks and maybe Proficient Motorcycling in Borders IIRC. Then buy a few more on Amazon for later. I've got a small library I'm happy to swap for your bike for a weekend :grin:

    Then book yourself enough training and track days that you can resist the desire to ride it on the road until you're legal. If you can only do Eastern Creek, book them solid. I also suggest calling Stay Upright and see what they can do for you, if you haven't. When I did their course at Oran Park we all had to produce our licenses, but I don't remember whether they enforced LAMS bikes for P platers since we were on a track.

    If you had an accident on the road, you could end up paying off $100,000 worth of someone else's car, because you're not insured. And there's the mortal danger too. And the danger to your bike :shock:

    Like Hotcam said, you've just bought yourself a fantastic track day bike. One that magically turns into a road bike the day you get your full license. Like a unicorn which can all of a sudden transform into a canoe.

    That's my best attempt at a rational answer to your question. If you wanna be irrational, I'll swap you the 675 for my 250 :)

    EDIT: you can also rent CB250s through Stay Upright to train on. I suggest this as they have crash bars and don't cost $4000 to drop.

    Also, are you really locked in? There's a cooling-off period, isn't there ... ?
  8. Jumping in without the benefit of a learner's/ Licence course will probably
    raise the chances of the above statement becoming inevitible.

    Yep .. that's the attitude :wink:

    I doubt if anyone here would waste their time, knowing You can't be bothered putting the time in to do the right thing.

    My 2 bobs worth ...
  9. Do I smell a troll?
  10. So... why is everyone telling him to get his learners? he already has his learners. it's just riding out of his license class.. still pretty silly idea, but it's not that he has done no learners course or anything as some are saying.
  11. Congrats and welcome Whoopsy

    You'll be canned here for having no insurance coverage and I'd love to be as righteous as some here and say I'v never done anything wrong :roll:

    Take it easy, learn how powerful the bike is and don't do anything to attract the law and you should be fine.

    All the best with it

    Let's see;

    27 years old
    Years of dirt riding experience
    Didn't buy anywhere near the craziest sports bike available
    Admitting to a healthy respect for riding and death

    Yeah that sums up a troll :roll:
  12. hey mate, we all do impulsive things from time to time.

    Riding the Daytona while on your L's is looking for a financial disaster if you are unfortunate enough to bin it or worse still hit something/someone.

    Insurance companies will have a field day. let alone the authorities.

    My advice would be to park the daytona for a year (undercover so not tempted) and by a LAMS POS and get through your P's.......or

    Go and get your full liscence NOW in QLD etc.

    As far as killing yourself, it is all in your own right wrist!!

    Good luck mate!!
  13. Yep. Tell someone your forum ID and password, and ask them to post up your funeral date for us. :twisted:

    Oh, harsh, I know. But someone so impulsive as to buy a Daytona over the phone while driving is going to be impulsive with their right wrist as well. It can only end in tears. Riding a road bike is very different to ridng a dirt bike.

    Last suggest: Try to ride where there is no oncoming traffic, as you will be going wide on corners for some time to come, until you learn how to steer a road bike. Race Tracks don't have oncoming traffic! :grin:
  14. He is on his Ls so it's technically UNLICENSED riding.

    Ls are a permit. Ps are a license. If he gets done for riding the daytona on his Ls, he has a lot more coming his way in terms of fines and demerits rather than the usual slap on the wrist for riding outside restrictions.
  15. I am sure the police will see it that way too and let him off with a warning.

  16. Riding that thing on your P's would be pretty dumb, but riding it on your L's would probably qualify you for disabled parking, if presented as evidence of a mental handicap. You could park right near the elevator, every time!
  17. Yep still smells like a troll to me :grin:
  18. Wow.... I think i was just crucified!

    Im not looking for a sympathetic ear here, merely some learned advice.

    Thank you to those who offered suggestions. As i mentioned i am booked into courses at Eastern Creek and have ordered a few books online at the suggestion of Jekyll.

    I was unaware of the QRide program in QLD so will be sure to look into it, atleast that may offer a way to get som comp insurance. The associated training looks like it wouldn't hurt either.
  19. We prefer to call it a hazing.

    It's a sacred tradition: the newbie proclaims he's about to do, or has already done, something really dangerous and stupid. Then some of the regulars start violently insulting newbie's mother in an attempt to shock some sense into newbie. Some other regulars turn up and piss on the first members for being self-righteous, and a dispute breaks out between a member of each camp about whether helmets should be compulsory, or something just as boring, which degenerates into several pages of infantile name calling. The newbie is occasionally but vulgarly insulted by each camp, and usually wanders away from the smouldering embers of his thread with a bad taste in his / her mouth, never to return. If, however, newbie becomes irate and abusive, and stays around to defend his idiot plan heroically in the face of wilting criticism, (s)he is accepted and taught all the secret handshakes.
  20. Post of the month so far :)
    Some people take NR way to seriously.