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Oh Shiet !!!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Kitt, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. Coming home from the Saturday learners morning ,
    Rode down Footscray rd , up into Buckley street , where there was some road works , I filtered to the front and stopped at lights ... as I took off the disgrunteled Ford driver behind me tooted , not once but continuously , so I waved ( a sorry I got in front of you wave :? ) So then he tooted more and more , so I ummmmm gave him the bird :oops: , he then overtook me into oncoming traffic and cut me off ( no indicator of course ) pulled up @ the next set of lights and GOT out of his car ( he was HUGE and SCARY looking !!) and came at me shaking his fist hurling abuse " how dare I get in front of him , how dare I take off before he did , how dare I give him the bird !! " I politely told Him to get back in his car and F**K off :) , he continued with a bit more abuse which I chose to ignore.
    As he turned around I indicated and pulled out and was gone before he had time to realize ...
    I didn't know little V could go so well through corners when she felt a tad ( well maybe a lot ) intimidated ...
    Anyways thats my vent :roll:

    Oh and yes , there was plenty of room to filter too and yes, I took off at a reasonable speed ...
    and I know I shouldn't have retaliated with the bird or the F**k Off :oops:

    and did I tell you he was HUGE and SCARY !!!

  2. what a wanker! :LOL:
    i got tooted for overtaking someone on chum creek rd the other day, plenty of vision, broken lines, within the speed limit (surprising for me isnt it? :p).
    the fact they dont watch their mirrors and i probably scared them, earnt them the Bird in return for the honk.

    share it round, Kitt, no need to sit there and cop it :)
  3. I'm interested to know what I'd do if someone go out of their car like that.. I have a feeling I'd get off, do the morpheus 'come here' dojo motioning in full leathers with the lid still down. That'd probably make them think twice? :tantrum:
  4. think the biggest problem is you gave him the bird then let him back in front of you. stay in front and filter at next lights, he's long gone and fuming to himself instead of at you.
  5. Honestly , I was scared , real scared when he got out of the car , it was like a HUGE bear had awoken from his sleep all grumpy and mean :!: :!: :!:

    I froze for a few secs @ first , then after copping a mouthful of abuse I retaliated :oops:
    only to cop more abuse on how dare I retaliate .. I was thinking WTF :shock: !!

    Only thing I did wrong in my riding was to be quicker off the mark then a BA falcon .. sheesh :grin:

    And lilley , I know giving him the bird ws wrong :oops: I'm still very new to filtering , that was prolly only my 2nd filter on my own .. was one lane of traffic , he overtook me into oncoming traffic and as I sped up to go past him he cut me off , if I'd tried to filter past him at the lights he would've knocked me off the bike . I really didn't feel like becoming another statistic , and I thought by staying behind him I'd be safer , who would've thought he'd get out of the car !!
  6. Thats road rage for you, coming back from seeing Micky in hospital, I was just behind action parramatta and I had a car merge into me whilst it was changing lanes (didn't see me) and the whole car grazed against my knee (draggins) as he went past! He cracked the shits, stopped the car got out and started yelling at me and grabbed my helmet shaking it around like crazy (if it wasn't done up it would have been ripped straight off and I'd bet anything he'd have smashed it on the ground.

    And yet it was him who merged into me! :LOL:

    Theres no logic to it, and I was too shellshocked to react at all at the time. Tried to make a note of his license plate when he jumped in his car (and reversed very quickly stopping just in front of me before tearing off) but forgot it almost instantly. I was relatively new to riding then, I'd handle the situation a fair bit different next time..
  7. so he can grab you by the chinstrap and throw you under a passing car phizog? Thats why horses have the reins connected to their heads.
  8. be prepared for next time, strap a claw hammer to the chassis. *sorry dougz*
  9. next time, shmext time :roll:
  10. What a thug. As people often say in these kind of threads, the offending d!ckhead wouldn't have behaved the way he did if you were a big hairy bastard riding a hog with a "Guns Don't Kill People, I Do" bumper sticker. :roll:

    Having said that, most BA Falcons are automatics with 180 kW of power, can take off fairly quickly from the lights (for a car), and many of their male drivers do just that. Best to avoid filtering in front of them while on a 250, Kitt. ;)
  11. Nothing a swift headbutt with your helmet wouldnt of fixed...
  12. Next time please don't write in RED it's very hard to read and gives me a headache.
  13. Welcome to the wonderful world of motorcycling Kitt, you are now a bonafide baby eating outlaw.

    A couple of pointers that may come in handy....
    Feel free to flip the bird whenever and wherever it's required. (Seriously)
    Stop beating yourself up, the guy was a tool,
    Learnt to pull wheelies,
    Don't post in red :wink: :LOL:
  14. thanks for the pointers, now can I have your number to refer the next thug too :p " Chef said I could !! " LOL ...
    it's all good , just another learning experience ...

    I typed in RED cause ummmmmmmm I was angry :oops:
    funnily enough the color doesn't bother me to read :wink:
  15. Man, if I were you Kitt, I woulda pulled the chick card out big time, calling him a big bully and turning on the tears.

    Honestly though, did you get infront and then hold him up??

    When I filter, I get up to the front but stay BETWEEN the cars. Yeah yeah, there's pros and cons, but for me, if the driver takes offence and gets a jump on the lights, there's little chance of them hitting me. If I spot a rider behind, I'll move forward enough that they can decide to stay behind of move in front of the car.

    The bird is sometimes deserved, just make sure you use your bike's advantages for getting out of tricky situations before confrontations.

    +1 Red doesn't bother me.
  16. Of course you can. Just hope they think you're talking about Gordon Ramsey. :wink:
    Yeah pretty much. Learn to pick ya fights.
    Roadrage AND netrage. Fiesty!!! I like it. :grin:

    (oh, and you spelt 'shite' wrong, we need to teach you how to swear properly too)
  17.  Top
  18. Waits for number :roll: LOL , just to be prepared for the next time :!:

    Next time I'll look for some cute guy :cool: to have a disagreement with ,
    then get all sooky like Rob suggested , might be worth a shot :wink:

    Feisty :?: Aren't all red heads fiesty :twisted:

    Netrider swearing school , I'm in for that :p
  19. Heh heh, I said you need to pick your fights... :blackeye: ...that sounds like you're trying to pick a wrestle... :bannanabutt:

    :-k Hmmm, maybe you're onto something.