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Oh noes; I cant see!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by es, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. About an hour ago, all the lights in our apartment went out simultaniously and havent come back. Obviously, computer and other electricals stayed on.

    Has a fuse blown?
    what can I do? I wanted to read a book tonight, now Ill have to attempt it by the light of candles and my neons . :(

  2. sounds like a fuse - go check your fusebox, probably find you just need to flip a switch for illumination.
  3. Probably just the saftey switch, just check the fuse box and flip it back on.
  4. ok i checked the fuse box... its only got two switches and both were on, both fuses had little burn marks on them... where can i buy a new fuse?
    its a really old apartment, and the fuses are like nothing ive seen before... *ghost music*
  5. K-Mart or Bunnings??

    Don't go zapping yourself :shock:
  6. nah I spat on my fingers and made sure the switches were all on when i tried to take the fuses out. Then I stuck a fork in a power socket for good mesure.

    At least I dont need to pluck my eyebrows anymore :shock:

    Ok Ill try bunnings or something tomorrow :( stupid fuses :(
  7. Unlikely to be a safety switch, they (used to at least) only put them on the primary circuit.

    Eswen, they're most likely ceramics with a replaceable wire fuse. You used to be able to get fuse wire from supermarkets etc but I haven't seen them for a while (haven't exactly looked though), a hardware store will definitely have them though.

    One fuse will be for the power sockets and the other for the lights, which is why you've only lost the lights. If they're not labeled, you'll have a 50/50 chance of pulling the right one :)

  8. Go to hardware store. Take fuse with you.

    They'll sort you out.

    Wire fuses come in different ratings.

    If it's an apartment, the main fuse might have tripped (the one downstairs, not the one in your apartments). So after you fix the fuses, you might have to bug the body corporate to sort it out if you don't have access.

    Now the other thing, something in your house has tripped the fuse. So when you replace it, chances are it's going to blow again.

    So unplug everything. Do fuse, slowly turn things on till you find the culprit.

    Or it could be a power socket that's gone, which means you should bring in an electrician.

    Or if you're renting, forget with all that junk, call your landlord for emergency electrician. Don't cost you a cent, part of the hassle with being a landlord :)
  9. but we havent added anything new to the place recently... and it was just the fuse for the lights. just worn out?
    im renting - should I get it changed, then if it blows again call realestate agent?
  10. If you're a tennant it's the managing agent's problem, in consultation with the owner.

    Get on the phone first thing in the morning and tell him your problem, cry a lot, tell him you're a shift worker who is up a lot at night (don't tell him about Netrider, of course) and he should get it fixed straight away.
  11. Definately a ghost, I mean old house....ghosty music and erry atmosphere :shock: what else could it be?!

    so, who ya gonna call.... :p
  12. jims mowing?
  13. If you're renting phone the landlord/property manager. It's not the renters resposibility to fix fuses so get them to send a sparky around (who'll also be able to tell if there's anything wrong with the wiring).
  14. ok cool; im on hold now... local calls dont get timed do they? grr.
  15. That's what happens at bed time.

    The wardens turn the lights off :p :wink:
  16. all fixed now :) 50c worth of wire from safeway... bunnings dont have the stuff.
  17. So the situation has been de-fused!
  18. ha!

    But seriously something did blow the fuse. And it was in your lights. So if it happens again. Get the freakin sparky. Getting electrocuted ain't much fun. I've had 2 big ones and countless little ones. Not worth the hassle.
  19. actually i'd say it's been re-fused. :wink:
  20. what could have blown the fuse... nothing new has been attached to the lights? couldnt it have just been old wires?