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OH no they did it again... Sumoto

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by lordtb, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. Well today I went to the Auctions... there was a CBR250R (MC19)

    I was thinking of biding on it till I notised there was no compliance plate on it... but the old rego sticker was there...

    OK the original frame number was there on the sticker and not the new VIN... (possibly this is all that is needed as the bike is now over 15 Y.O.) but what shocked me was this...

    on the rego sticker the bike listed was a 1988 KAWASAKI SOLO!!
    In the little window in the RHS where it tells you when the reg expires it read PAYED BY SUMOTO and dates...

    So how do they get away with regestering a Honda as a Kawasaki and doing it without a compliance plate??
  2. errr.... someone stuck the wrong rego plate on it?

    wait.... just re-read it. the frame number was on the reg sticker?

    bwahahhahahahahahaa :LOL: :LOL:

    not that its suprising or anything...... nufties :roll:
  3. Where's JDVic :LOL: i'm sure he'd have an explanation for us :grin:
  5. Down with Sumoto devil worshippers I say!
  6. lol this is the only forum where this topic was not delited within the first day...
  7. its a bummer, but a lot of other forums are a bit worried about legal action from certain dodgy dealers :?
  8. Freedom of speech as far as i'm concerned. People expressing opinions of a very very very very very very farking dodgy operation.... I wish every newbie did a search on them first up
  9. Can you blame them, really?

    They're the first port of call when the "dodgy dealers" sick their lawyers onto whoever's bad mouthing them.

    Anyway, in these issues, it's hardly likely that said dealers really have a leg to stand on. Otherwise, sites like "Not Good Enough" and shows like ACA and TT would be up to their armpits in writs...
  10. Lets get TT on to Sumoto. Between us we must know a few people who have been screwed over.

    That would make the news worth watching eh?
  11. all ya need to do is buy an old shitter from them, like the CBR lordtb saw at the auctions, just to have the satisfaction of those shows like ACA & TT apart from the authorities having a field day :grin:
  12. I'm sure if we all pitched in $10 smackers we'd end up with enough to buy a certain dodgey and sit back and enjoy the show.... It's cheaper than a movie guys!
  13. does any one have a spare $7k??
  14. Correct. A stop writ is intended to prevent further discussion of an issue by placing the defendant at risk of having to defend the action or of contempt of court (because issuing a writ makes the matter sub judicae). Whether or not the action is successful is irrelevant - the cost of defending it is enough to dissuade most people from making further public comment.

    ACA and TT have the advantage of a) expert defamation lawyers to vet any claims the shows might make and b) sufficient cash reserves to be able to afford to defend the action, appeal an adverse judgement etc - basically, to send the plaintiff bankrupt before the proceedings conclude.
  15. Isn't there a Britney Spears song about something like this?
    "Opps I did it again" :shock: :LOL: \:D/
  16. clearly the thing to do is keep starting new threads :)

    Or we could all make a point of walking in the door once a month and chasing off all the customers :)
  17. you wouldn't 7k at Sumoto :LOL:

    they would even sell ya somethin from out the back, as long as it had wheels and it started, they wouldn't give a rats......
  18. A stop writ by itself does not prevent publication, with an injunction being required to achieve this. Courts rarely approve injunctions in civil cases, due to reluctance to prevent freedom of speech on issues of public interest.
    It would also be unlikely to be subject to any sub judice, since this really only applies to jury cases as it's generally seen that judges cannot be prejuidiced or persuaded by public opinion. A low level civil defamation case woould certainly have little problem associated with sub judice.

    Yup, this being the most likely reason for any removal.

    Fortunately, in AUS we have a good defamation defence based around comment or honest opinion. If anyone was to to be served a writ for comments they made on a public forum, this defense would likely apply for them, presuming of course their comments were resonable and based upon their own honest opinion, especially where it relates to matters of public interest or on statements of fact (or commonly known).
  19. you only gotta hear the stories both on and off the forums to make an honest opinion, let alone actually buying anything from there.

    it makes ya wonder how they actually get customers.....
  20. Big shiny ads in all the major used bike mags that sucker in people who don't know any better. I mean at first glance they seem quite reasonable - huge range of freshly imported 250s painted in your choice of colour. For some it must seem an easier alternative to spending time trawling through private ads or chasing around numerous dealers. Of course they pay for this convenience :wink: .