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Oh no, the Sprint ST has just moved up over the VFR800

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by TRA, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. So I decided to walk into the trumpy dealer today. Now I am fixated on the the Sprint ST. I like it, a lot.

    So come on folks, beat me up over it and let me know the low down on it. As per the VFR800 it has to be a daily commuter and weekend tourer in one. Its slightly bigger than the VFR, but once the panniers are off its not to far off the VFR.
  2. lowercase has one in bright yellow. pretty sure it's her daily bum-hauler ontop of her east-coast house mover
  3. And it's almost as good as the Ninja 1000 ...
  4. Lol, yeah Ninja 1000 and Sprint GT are on my list too. Few things i dont like on the GT but ill give it a chance.
    ST havent really thought about - might give it a try too!
  5. No such thing as a bad bike these days. So it comes down to what you like. The connection. And the deal you get.
    It is a niche bike being a triple and has a sound all its own. And a dam good strong motor that pulls from way down low. Perfect for the every day commute. It has the power we wish the VFR had.
    I think it's a comfier bike than the Viffer. Mainly due to the seat.
    Point to point the Viffer would have to work a lot harder to stay with the ST.
    It's such a complete package you wont be throwing away $$ on mods.
    It doesn't have linked brakes so slow speed work is easier and that will make it feel lighter when your just ticking along and doing tight maneuvers.
    Parts availability is not as good or as cheap as the Honda so service will be dearer and if you drop it or have a prang, then it will be off the road longer.
    Resale sucks. And triumph T shirts are so dear. Their jeans are just ridiculous. lol
    The ST is one of the best but the Viffer has the heritage and cred.
    If you like it and it rocks your boat and you have the cash and the deal is good then why not.
  6. Buy a low kms 2nd hand Sprint ST with panniers in good condition and the depreciation becomes your ally not your enemy!
  7. Mine is actually the Sprint RS (955cc's) - but it's perfect to commute for an hour on (apart when it's f*ucking f*uck raining!) and is the best fun for weekends and commuting alike! Heaps of power, heaps of "I just poo'd my pants" and it's... well, my bike is my everything :) I'm completely in love with him.

    Slow speed work can be tedious though, and parts are expensive.

    All depends on your wallet and the commuting you do :)
  8. Resale not so much of a problem, as this one will be in the garage for a while, hence the reason I have to get it right.

    Interesting about the parts, nice to know. Asked about servicing today, apparently its about 260 for minor (10k) and 6-700 for a major. The sales staff at honda were all tied up so did not get to question them for service costs. Might drop in on the service department over easter and get the low down.

    My daily commute is about 20 minutes / 15kms its all 60/70kph except for one small 80kph stretch, so power is not at the top of the list. Filtering in a few spots is imperative.
  9. As an offshoot here, theres a few real nice looking, low km and cheap trumpy sprint ST's on bikepoint at the moment (955i's).
    From what ive been able to find (with limited bandwidth remaining on mobile wireless since its hard to run a cable into the middle of a river ;) ) there was a change on the rear suspension and the addition of a heavier grade of oil in the front forks on the 1050's, and a slight change in riding position, but apart from another 95cc of engine capacity, is there any real reason to pay another 3-4k for a 1050 vs a 955?

    Late edit:
    Never mind, wikipedia has a fantastic little list of things... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triumph_Sprint_ST
    Really late edit:
    Might be coming down to northern sydney over the weekend to check this one out... http://www.bikepoint.com.au/all-bikes/private/details.aspx?R=10265400
  10. the only thing putting me of Triumph is the amount of time people as saying it takes to get parts out of the UK (3 to 4 weeks)
  11. I dont like that idea either. Is the honda much better though? I have had similar waits for my 4wd.
  12. The Sprint ST - it's such a popular bike, getting parts is now becoming much easier. There's a few things that might take a while, but same deal with Honda.
  13. My 2005 ST Sprint's brilliant. Don't have the panniers but bought sft saddlebags. Rode 820km recently Canberra - Cranbourne (Melb) with 2 x 20min stops and only had minor soreness. Great in the twisties although heavier fork springs would be nice. I commute daily and while heavy to manoever and a heavy gearbox, it's just fine. Haven't had to order any parts as nothing's gone wrong yet. Have put R&G crash knobs, Ventura rack, tail tidy and Radguard on mine. Got a 190 Road2 on the back as well. Tracks really well although the Pure on the front is to make way for another Road2. Riding position is great. Nice and neutral but you can really push it through the twisties. Motor howls into the 8-9000rpm range. It loves working hard. $235 for minor and around $700 for major incl valve clearances.
  14. I'd take the 1050 ST over the 955. The 1050 Tiger might well do you ever better if it's not too tall for you. If you're looking at new, the 800 might be even better still for commuting.
  15. The Sprint ST is a great bike, remembering that it's a SPORTS tourer. If you like the twisties but still like riding over distance it's perfect.

    I've finally just put mine in the classifieds, not because I don't like it, it's just that I'm looking at switching to an adventure tourer (maybe Triumph 800XC) or trail bike after I get through some illness. I've never had problems with parts but then I haven't needed many in 22000km. I can't speak highly enough of my own experience with the Triumph.

    The Sprint ST won't be imported here any more, only the GT, so once the current stocks of ST's are gone that's it.
  16. Ive never heard a Sprint with pipes... But I know Leo's on a viffer sound good..
  17. Service on the vfr are $230.00 minor And $500 major at the dealer .just had my 24k .
    I have ridden the sprint and own the vfr .You can't go wrong with either I did a lot of research on both and in the end it came down to the best deal $$$
    I have done track days on the vfr and it can be a bit slow but then again it's not designed for that and not what you want to do . But the sprint has more get up and go .

    So again see what the best deal is at the time
    . And You you shouldn't have a problem lane splitting. I don't te te te
    Hope this helps
  18. Thanks. Got my test booked in for the 5th (thursday) next month and told the dealers I would be buying a bike on the 7th. I'll line up a test ride of both.

    Only problem with the sprint is that the demo model is silver, and if that sells I am buggered cause I dont really fancy the black one. Oh well, I'll see what happens.
  19. If you like the sprint you can always find the same year and a color you like on bikesales .you may even get a better deal with winter approaching ..
  20. My sprint has a custom pipe on. SEX. on wheels! The sound is incredible!