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Oh no, The road is wet..whatever shall we do!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by oohsam, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. It shocks me everytime that a little water gets on the roads, everyone assumes they have to ride their brakes, and drive 80% slower, espeically on a freeway, causing traffic to hault.

    It also bewilders me that when 3 lanes are clearly not moving, why people find it nescarry to change lanes to get 1 car spot ahead of where they just were.

    I've noticed through my travels that Melbourne drivers are probably the worst drivers (massive generalisatin) in this beloved country which is 'girt' by sea.

    Melbourne drivers in general, dont know how to merge, dont know how to change lanes properly, and lack the skill to drive normally when the roads are a little damp. And its only getting worse. I still cant belive how easy it is to get a car licence...not to mention how easy it is to get a bike one.
  2. I know exactly what you mean. As soon as the road gets a little damp the majority of drivers go into retard mode. This involves going 10-20 kilometres under the limit which instantly reduces the chance of an accident :roll: .
  3. i certainly agree with a lot of that, once upon i time before speed hidden cameras i reckon melb drivers were probably the best at reading traffic since the safety camera people can't afford to watch the road for fear of losing the points and money for 3km/hr over, so now the traffic is slower and less road craft is being applied but don't worry those safety camera will protect you.
  4. Someone should invent a 3 lane freeways. One for slow drivers and off-ramp /onramp users, one for medium paced drivers and the other for speed limit sitting drivers and overtakers. I think this should resolve the flow of traffic on our freeways :p
  5. They have this on the F3 freeway.

    There's a sign which advises "Slow vehicles use left lane". Not wanting to be insulted by this sign calling them slow, everyone stays in the middle and right lanes and drives at 10-20kph under the speed limit in bumper-to-bumper three-lanes-crammed-into-two traffic.

    The left lane is then completely empty and free to use for anyone wishing to drive at the actual speed limit. :grin:

    The same effect can be seen at the two Jamberoo Park toboggan runs ("Beginner" and "Expert" - have a guess which one all the slow beginners go on), and condom sizes.
  6. that would be fine, but the prob is melbourne truck drivers LOVE the right hand lanes.
  7. I must live in a different city called Melbourne too. In my city, the drivers travel at 10kmh faster when it rains. And tailgate more too. That way they can slam on their brakes more 'cause they all know how much better brakes work in the wet...

    (Tell you the truth, different regions of the city DO have very different driving habits!)
  8. Incorrect. Perth takes the cake for that, by far!
  9. funnily enough I have just.. (20 mins ago) driven from Wales to London in about 2 hours 15 mins at an average 80 ish mph in the rain. Funnily enough everyone pretty much obeyed the rules... staying in the left lane unless overtaking.. in the middle lane when overtaking people in the left and in the right lane when overtaking people in the middle lane.

    And I was one of the slower drivers (excepting truck drivers ) out there.
  10. That's it exactly, Stewy...Once upon a time I was proud to be a Melb driver...we were agressive, but decisive and committed "drivers"...
    Nowadays they have become lethargic, "steerers of cars", waffling along under the watchful eye of fcukwit cameras that have ruined the driving ethic in this land.

    ...small rant over...pant pant.. :grin:

  11. I dont ever criticise truck drivers. They spend more time on the road than any of us probably do. And they actually do know how to drive. I've hardly seen a truckie making a blunder. They are pretty spot on with looking out, espicially for us.
    In all my trips to and from work, they always, always, always make a little room for me to split past them, and they always give a nod.

    I dont care if they use the right lane, or the left or the middle lane. They are entitled to every lane as is anyone else....As long as they give me a little room then im happy as larry.
  12. Thats it exactly Raven. People are too busy staring at their speedo to make sure they are at or under the speed limit or checking the over bridges for cameras to pay attention to other road users.
    Road "safety" cameras my ass...!!!
  13. I agree with raven and honestly think 'speed camera parenoia' has ruined our driving skills. Checking the speedo to make sure you aren't 3km/h over the limit is a pure and simple distraction.

    I am also fond of truckies. Out of all the road users they are the best drivers and have always been good to me.
  14. :rofl:
    I crashed into the back of someone last time I went on that ride. Damn brakes don't work!
  15. I agree, a little bit of precipitation and driving skills go out of the car window. but i think we cant generalize melbourne drivers as such, i have fortunately driven a lot in every major city in australia and its pretty much the same every where. today driving down the eastern this idiot sat at 80 ks in the T2 lane all the way to alexandra parade slowed down everything, that people were taking stupid risks trying to overtake him. and he never paid attention to all the birdies and flashing lights directed to him. one reason i dont ride the freeway when its raining.
  16. The truck drivers were fine. Just slower. Few of em were doing over 70... but they were only doing less up the long rises. They were in the left lane cept overtaking like everyone else (cept the nong I saw last week hogging the RH lane and ignoring the fast traffic coming up behind with 2 empty lanes to his left. Must have been a Melbourne driver. I have seen ONE person doing this in 3 weeks this trip. Much much much better system this
  17. I think I read somewhere that it is illegal to pass on the left in the UK, even on a multi-lane freeway. That means that you will naturally get slower traffic on the left and faster traffic on the right. I am also pretty sure that was the law when I was in Austria many years ago, too. I reckon it makes a lot of sense, and we should think about doing it here. Then you don't have to worry so much about changing lanes to your left because there might be somebody barelling up at 120 kph on the inside, and you know that if you change lanes to your right you need to be watching for faster-moving traffic. Less fuss, less confusion, and maybe less need for all of those speed cameras.
  18. Correct.

    Whereas in Australia it is legal to overtake on the left (provided you are on a multi-lane road or the vehicle is turning right or...), though many people don't know this because they read "illegal to overtake on left" and forget about the bit that says it only applies to single-lane roads.

    Stronger lane discipline would be nice.

    I'd like to know from our UK members (ex-pat, visitors, etc) - How do people "manage" drivers sitting in the overtaking lane in the UK? In Australia if you don't like it you can always go around on the left. In the UK I can only presume that the stronger lane discipline came about from judicious use of highbeam and horn...?
  19. OK smarty, where's the $1BILLION for the state government revenue windfall gonna come from, then... hmmm? :?
  20. I agree with Sarz. Perth is the worst.