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Oh no... Not another noobie tryng to decide on a bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by son of eevil, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. So I'm trying to decide what bike I'd like to contemplate thinking about maybe buying.

    I've been rather keen on the Ninja 250 for the price an 08 seems like a great buy. I'd like a 2nd hand one pref with a crack on the fairings so I don't get too upset when I drop It for the 1st time.

    A friend of mine just brought a CBR250 and loves it but seems expensve for the age.

    I've thought about the Gs500 but I'd prefer a faired bike for protection.

    So thoughts?

    Thanks guys,

  2. GS500F has fairings, but from what i've seen 500f's cost a fair bit more s/h. agree with CBR's being expensive for the age, most 250 sports bikes are. can't comment on why that is.
    only issue i have with my cbr is to sit in a position where i can get my boot under the shifter, to downshift from that position i can't have my foot on the peg. but that's an issue with my boots (icon field armour stealth), not the bike.
    i can't really give you any pointers to go with either cbr or zx, i own one but want the other (only got the one i have because it was all i could afford at the time without having to freight)
  3. RVF 400 - nuff said
  4. Oh should also note that the Hyosung Gt250R looks like even better bang for buck then the 250 ninja
  5. Before going that route, suggest you do a very quck search on here for some very open feedback and reviews from those that have then and have had them... maybe not so much bang for buck!!
  6. +1
    there is a very good reason why they are so cheap.
  7. I'd go a SV650 LAM and get a lower fairing and solo cowl.

  8. So you think the 250 ninja is the way to go? What would I expect to pay for a Green 250 Ninja with a crack in the fairings? Or maybe it's been droppe and has some grazes?
  9. When are you looking to buy?

    I've got an 08 Ninja with scratches to the fairings (plus new replacement fairing waiting to be installed).

    And where are you?
  10. did you used to have a white harley looking type thing last time i saw you???
  11. I've got 2 bikes.

  12. ...gs500f

  13. Im from Newcastle.
  14. Look at a GS500F.
    I cant imagine the price of a second hand one would be that much different from a second hand ninja 250 (cbf looking it up so I will just make that assumption in the hope that its right). You get an extra 250cc and im sure that a 500 will keep you happy a lot longer than a 250 will.
  15. Hmm, wondering what luke thinks of his bike being called a Harley.....8-[
  16. Prices of the Gs500F's and look to be the same price as the Ninja 250's. But to be honest the price of the GT250R is gonna leave alot more money for better quality gear.
  17. I seriously considered a 650 hyo for a while but after doing some research I quickly changed my mind. I understand you need some cash for gear but you im sure you also want a bike that is reliable.
    Maybe look at buying and older GS, or ninja if thats what you prefer, to leave yourself more money for gear. The GS in particular is virtually bullet proof, so you can get a reliable bike + the gear.
    I would take an older GS500F over a newer hyo every single time.
  18. I see I'm not going to pretend cause that would be stupid, but speed difference between the GS500 and the Ninja 250? I also like the look of the Ninja's a little better. The 250 Ninja's only date back to 08, right? Before that they were the ZZR250/GPX250 (Yes I understand the Ninja 250 is still known as the GPX250) and (IMO) looked terribly ugly.

    I also understand that beggars can't be choosers but I'd like to think I'm just marginally above the beggars line, ha ha and if I'm not i'll save my $$$ till I am.

    Also can someone tell me WHAT THE HELL model Ninja this is?!?!
    http://www.bikesales.com.au/all-bik...430 1429 1428 4294967215 4294961390&silo=1400

    NVM.. it's a ZXR250
  19. Personally I wouldn't pay more than 4k for one. Esp a 1989 model. I remember seeing a barely ridden 2010 on sale for 3500 ono with gear included because the guys mum was wanted it gone (hopefully it wasn't any of you guys)