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Oh no I killed a kitten !

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. So here I am, lived up in NSW for the past 8 years, without a fine of any type.

    When I lived in Vic fines and 3 month sin bins where almost a yearly event ](*,)

    Go down into the 'revenue state' to visit the kids last long w/end and thought I behaved.

    Boss comes up to me today and comments that we have a naughty driver while holding a driver nomination form, I snicker and say ' so which truck driver is in trouble ? '

    Boss says , nope not a field service truck , its a supervisors Ute and it's you !=D>

    Bloody nanny state >> got done for 64 in a 60 zone !

    End of rant :nopity: :angel:
  2. so whats the moral of the story Bob?...................IMO, Vic is a nanny state and should be avoided at all costs heheh.

    Tough luck thats pretty harsh for 4kph over........
  3. Blow up the speed cameras and drag them away, 'coz they're taking the food off the table...
  4. I actually dont know if i could live in victoria. I need to stop hating on the coppers up here as they let me off with a gross amount of misconduct.

    But yeah that sucks mate, how much was the damage for four kittens per hour?
  5. maybe its just me.... i got 6 tickets in 6 weeks (although 1 i wasn't driving but still got pulled up) in WA, went to tassie, got 3 more over 6 months... and an undue noise and a turning down a street 15mins before i was allowed to.... been in vic 2 years and as yet haven't received one.... and ive been pulled up by HWP twice for doing 50 over and just had a decent chat to the cop and been told stay safe and have a nice day.

    i think ive been massively lucky... but i also don't ride fast very often here... can't remember the last time i went for a 200+ blat and i used to every second day.... BUT all the tickets ive recieved have been for 5-10kph over..... every friggin one!
  6. 4 ks over. man that is grossly irresponsible. What were you thinking hooning around like some P plater on ice. Lucky you didn't get your car confiscated for 12 months. How are you going to live with yourself knowing how out of control your behaviour has been. Shame on you....
  7. 64 in a 60 would mean you should have been doing about 68/69 and they drop it back some
    That paints a different picture
  8. lol... 68 in a 60 zone.....sounds familiar.
  9. 64 in a 60. Jesus. That's like 2 psi on a bike*. Ridiculous.

    * not based on any facts whatsoever.

  10. +1 to that ,ive been over taken by a unmarked@140$ ,i swear he wanted to race me , i just was not sure enough too follow at 200+

    And i just got my 1/2 price license for 5 years on the road with no fines :D
  11. It would be bloody funny if you turned up to the crime scene before he did!!!=D>
  12. I have a speed camera fine in front of me right now for exactly that. Oh how I laughed. Not.
  13. Jeez, makes me think again about visiting Victoria!
  14. Yah im thinking of heading that Way. after i go north for a bit. bloody speed camera`s wont stop me,just slightly annoy me
  15. Im scared.
    I need to ride my bike from Epping to Richmond, and then onto the Tassie ferry in february next year...
    And then from the ferry back to Epping a couple weeks later...
  16. So your scared of water or? you have to be a bit more specific when describing your phobia`s
  17. Riding in victoria :p.
  18. No it doesn't. It's still a joke.