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Oh no I have become a "Rider down Thread"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rbarge, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. Well you can probably guess....

    Stopped at the lights and someone smashed into the back of me knocking be for six, I was fine just a graze on my knee and a sore bum :) Anyway bike seem to have been bent in a few places so not sure whats going to happen to it.

    Feel lucky to have walked away to be honest!

  2. Awww, poor bike.

    But at least you are ok!

    That does suck though...
  3. What a bugger. Bit of bad luck but guess it could have been a lot worse. Glad you are ok.
  4. sorry to hear about that.. at least you are okay...

    What happen? You did a quick stop at the lights and the cage behind couldn't stop in time or he/she just didn't see you there?
  5. Hope they had insurance.

    Glad you're ok mate :")
  6. That sux, sorry to hear it!

    A jolt like that can sometimes give you neck/back problems that don't always show up initially, so keep an eye on that. :?
  7. Bugger! Glad you are ok.
    It is really hard to judge what the cars behind you are going to do (particularly on my ER6F as the mirrors are REALLY bad.) I was taught to always have the bike in gear at a stop, and have room in front for a quick 'get away'. Unfortunately by the time you judge that a cage isn't slowing down fast enough it seems it is probably too late.
    Hope your baby is back on it's wheels soon.
  8. Lucky bugger! glad that the bike is all that's damaged. As mentioned before get yourself checked out just in case. Hope they're insured and you get a new bike! especially if this one's all bent.
  9. I had this happen to me nearly a year ago; "Sorry, mate, I wasn't paying attention." Yeah, really????

    It's an awful feeling because it's totally unexpected. Anyway, do all the necessary reports, Police included, (he's up for negligent driving), and like the others say, have a basic medical check done, just in case. And keep us up-to-date with progress re fixing/replacing the bike.....
  10. bad luck mate, luckily you're ok. :)
  11. Glad You're ok, bloody awful shock i bet. Hope it works out well for you.
  12. +1 What Paul said

  13. Shit. :mad: Glad you're ok. :)

    Were you the first to arrive at the lights or were you not lanesplitting? :)
  14. Bad luck mate.

    <political hat on>
    If you had lanesplit to the front, would this have been avoided?
    <political hat off>
  15. Glad to hear your OK pal!

    Another reason you should be allowed to "lane split" when coming up to red lights! That would have avoided this incident!
  16. +1 to this. definatly get it all done. Will save hassle arguing whose fault it was later on, although clearly it was his/her fault.

    How can someone possibly not see a red light up ahead, what were they doing... Must have been doing up their shoe laces.
  17. Glad your body's still postworthy!

    What do you ride and what car was it?
  18. I know someone who didn't do so well after their rear ending. Good to read you're mostly ok. Next time...

    Lane split!
    Lane split!
    Lane split!
    Lane split!
    Lane split!
  19. I was first at the light so there was nothing in Front of me.
    I checked my mirrors before I slowed and there was nothing close (that I could see) so I guess he must of assumed I would run the light and speeded up to follow.

    Anyway he has fully comp insurance and had admitted it was his fault to the insurance company so that should be quick.

    Not sure how fast he hit but his car had to be towed away, the radiator was bust I think.
  20. It happened outside and ambulance and fire station so I think the firemen where taking measurements and taking names etc.
    The guy seemed really shook up by it all, didn't seem like an a-hole, guess we can all make mistakes behind the wheel.