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OH NO!!6 days old and my boot zipper is broken.........

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Caz V1, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. After spending almost 3 months hunting for a boot that will fit me properly,
    I finally found a pair last friday at raceway suzuki in Niddrie.
    I was so happy, at last a pair of riding boots. :grin: :grin:
    I bought a pair of Alpine star "roams" for $229..reasonable.
    I wore them all day, everyday since, broke them in nicely, they fit like a glove! I couldn't be happier.....until this morning.

    Getting ready to go riding this morning, all set...just gotta put on the boots and I'm outta here.....one boot on, next boot on, then I do up the zip :roll:
    the little metal bit you pull on breaks through the metal bar that holds it onto the zipper :cry: :evil:

    Ok.....on the phone to Raceway Suzuki straight away...
    I get told to bring them in and they'll send them of to be repaired, I will get them back next week. :shock:
    Not good enough I said....they are only 6 days old...and I need them for the weekend...I have plans, that's why I wanted the boots so urgent in the first place...sending them off for repair isn't going to solve my situation of what to wear to track day at Winton tomorrow, and I was so looking forward to going to!
    So...I put on a song and dance, tell them that after giving them such a good rap on here last week....if they dont replace the boots for me so I can still go to track day...Im gonna post a very nast thread on here about them.I get put on hold :roll: Girl comes back to me...nope sorry, can't do anything other than send them off to be repaired. :evil:
    Ok..I accept my fate...still not happy...but what could I do.
    I ended the phone convo declaring war on them.

    Next thing..the manager rings me back...all happy and stuff...I'm not in the mood to be sweet talked....I explained my dilemma again, I get told to bring them in and he would ring the supplier and organise something for me. I stressed the fact that a 6 day old pair of ALPINE STAR boots...very reputable...should not break within a week of purchasing them.
    I'm all stressed and angry and stuff...I get all teary on the phone too...
    my Bro say's to me after I hang up the phone..gawd..why are you sooking?..they are only boots! :cry: :oops:

    OK..I go to Niddrie store, the manager looks at the boot, see's that it's nothing I've done and it was obvioulsy a faulty zip.He rings the importer's
    "monza imports" and the guy in there says he wants to see me personally.
    Off we(Jeff/FOX, I took a man with me for backup..lol) go to Nth Melbourne now.
    The guy comes out and looks at the boot, takes it away to get his onsite boot repair lady to fix it....ok...at least they are fixing it today, and not making me wait til next week for them...I accept this and am content knowing at least I'll have boots for the coming weekend.
    Oh NO...the fix it lady appears with my boot in hand...not smiling either.
    Very sorry, but I cant fix this :shock: but the manager is going to get you a new pair...Ok,.....Im happy again :)

    He brings out an array of boots for me to try on...cos they don't stock that particular style anymore.

    End result is...Ive got a BRAND NEW PAIR of ALPINE STAR gortex lined boots that are worth almost double what I paid for my original boots. :p

    A very happy camper I am... :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Three cheers for RACEWAY SUZUKI and MONZA imports/ALPINE STARS.
    It seems customer satisfaction is a priority afterall!!

    Now all I gotta do is break the darn things in again now, oh well..it could be worse :)

  2. I think it was an Alpine Star company issue and not so much the fault of Raceway Suzuki or Monza.

    Anyways... Good to see ya still smiling :D
  3. A happy ending after a little persistence!

    Well done and congrats on the new boots.

    Have a great time at Winton tomorrow!
  4. I agree, but my argument was more about the fact they are happy to take your money, and then when things go wrong...not to happy to give your money back.

    Alls good now, thats all that matters :grin:
  5. sheesh it's a bit more complicated than that

    it's not the retailers fault that the boots broke so don't blame them. If they gave you your money back, then sent the boots back for repair, the supplier would get them fixed, send them back and then the retailer would have a pair of second hand boots that they can't sell. So they lose, they paid full price for it from the supplier and end up with something if they can sell it have to virtually do it for nothing.

    The suppliers can also use their discretion and say it's the users fault. If they do that, the retailer gives you your money back, then they send boots back, supplier says they don't want to know about it and the retailer still loses.

    As far as I can see you got looked after very well, it's not their fault, everyone went well past what was legally required of them to make the customer happy. I know you said you're happy with the service you ended up recieving, but i'm just pointing it out to you from the retailers point of view.
  6. If the retailer cant just replace the item immediately for the customer then sort it out with the manufacturer to replace it for them, i believe they should stop stocking that product all together.

    Maybe they dont have to by law, but its common sense that if you do the righty by a customer theyll keep coming back. Id still personally be shopping elsewhere next time for the stuff around, might not be so lucky next time...
  7. Tanya,
    I understand what you are saying, and for the most part I agree.
    But the boots are/were only 6 days old, if they had of been a couple of months old, I would not have been so upset about it at the time.
    As it turned out...they were NOT repairable, so if I had of sent them off for repair, I would have been without boots for over a week, maybe more due to it being easter,only to end up with a raplacement or a refund down the track. If I buy an item from Kmart or the like and its not up to standard they have no qualms about replacing or refunding the item.

    I was well looked after by both the supplier and the retailer, but only after much insistance on my behalf along with a few tears.

    The new boots are breaking in well...a few more days and they too will be just perfect, and the new boots dont have a zip, so I know I wont have the same problem again. :grin: