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Oh My God

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by conspiracytheorist, May 7, 2008.

  1. Yes thats right phizog test rode a scooter today, a bug agility 125cc.

    Good price, I think you could get an ex demo with bugger all kms for 2000-2300 without difficulty.

    But oh my god. How gay are scooters! They can't handle, accelerate or brake. This 125 didn't have enough power to be safe - you couldn't power through blind spots, you couldn't zip from the lights, building up to 80 is best done by full throttle and not looking at speedo (otherwise you'll get depressed by how slowly the needle moves).

    Will be trying a VS 125 and then one of mp3 scoots, hopefully the fuocco.

    Why did I test ride a scoot? Well the SV felt like too much for the city and I figured I could save money on fuel, servicing, tyres, depreciation, etc. by getting a scoot. Based on doing 8500kms a year I roughly worked out I would save about 500 a year using a scoot instead of a bike for my commuting (not including buying it or depreciation).

    I will be riding a few more scoots for shits and giggles but having to venture into 80 zones, this 125cc scoot I rode was downright dangerous. Yes it probably isn't any slower than a crapbox excel, BUT you need some acceleration to stay safe on a bike IMO.

    Pics and more ranting to come ;)
  2. Ride a scooter and it's going to COST YOU $10 a week :shock: :shock: :wink:

    But a fuocco that looks like fun :cool:
  3. I estimate spending a few hundred a week on hospital bills due to not being able to position yourself where you want to, and getting mowed over because of it.
  4. I had a 125 scoot for a day and it really struggled. If you really want one, could you go a larger engine? As is, you're comparing 650 with 125cc... might not be so much because it's a scooter that's the issue.
  5. Be worth finding the local Sachs dealer.
    Either the Madass or the 150KN might make a better cheap commuter for you than a scoot.
  6. Dude get that big fat suzuka burgman 650cc of scooter muscle.
  7. madass what a cool bike. If only they bought this one in 500cc madass

  8. :LOL: :LOL:
  9. You do realise where the 500cc engine was supposed to be sourced from though ;).
  10. Yeah, not that I don't like the source for that engine, I think it would sound really odd coming out of something looking like that..
  11. Haha yep. Riding the 125 demonstrated to me that its just not possible maintain the way I ride (buffering, zipping through blind spots, using power to get out of trouble) whilst on a small scoot. And since my safety isn't something I'm going to compromise, a 250 would be a much better choice, probably a gpx. But thats 4 grand territory and I'm not gonna bother with that at least for now.
  12. I think its pro pilot or someone who has a 125 and an r1. How do you feel safe on the 125 after being on the r1? :eek:
  13. How could you feel safe on an R1?! :wink:
  14. Yes Phiz, scooters are GAY!
  15. Damn an Enfield engine! I suppose it might pass LAMs though :LOL: :LOL:

    Scooters are cool for transport but motorcycling is much more than that, but the MP3 still is interesting.
  16. Phizog.. what sort of rider are you if you have only just tried a skoot?? Not well rounded and perhaps a little ignorant??? :LOL: :wink:
    Nah really.. the bug agility is cheap(nasty) and yes I would say dangerous.. which is why when i tried it i didnt buy it. The VS125 on the other hand is quite a good little thing. Here in Tas 125s or less attract only half the rego, so cheap here for a runabout. But go out of the town and there are tricks to it.. the VS will do 110 up hill, so long as you do 120 down the hill beforehand. Its more of a 90-100kms machine on the flat but you will get sick of having the throttle wrung right out permanently... now... the T-Max 500cc.... just beaut for town, twisties and and whole shabang. My guy rides a gsxr 1000 and reckons theres just as much fun to be had on the t-max on the twisties.. but it is a whole different experience.. you wouldnt drive a volkswagon the way you would a porche now would you? so why ride a skoot like a motorcycle.. unless of course the skoot is a t-max of course...
    and remember small skoots go better if the rider is small too... so if you are a big guy.... you need a big skoot.
  17. Correct as I said, this is the first scoot I've tried but will be trying a few different ones for more comparison to make sure I didn't just stumble upon a truly crumy scoot.

    I'm a sedate rider in the twisties but when it comes to traffic my roadcraft is very well developed IMO. Negative points I was making was against small scoots, eg. 125cc and below - this thing I rode was totally inadequate in terms of having any power to control where you want to be on the road. That control is something you need to stay safe esp in crazy sydney traffic. When it comes to bigger cc scooters, eg. 250cc+ I don't much see the point, I'd buy a bike instead in that capacity.

    Will try the VS125 and the mp3 sometime, maybe today even. I'll let you know how it goes.

    edit: yes I'm not a small guy, 6 foot 1, 80kg.
  18. Cool Phizog i look forward to your review. The Lag with the VS means you can yank it on pretty hard.. I had no probs in traffic, zip, zip. But feel better in traffic on the 500. One dy i will do the bike thing... just having so much fun on skoots for now.. even on the track :grin:
  19. It's probably fairly important to test ride a lot, or at least do a lot of research, on different scooters as they all vary markedly in performance. Not just in comparing a 125 to a 400, but comparing 125's to 125's. The performance (acceleration, top speed) can be changed by fiddling with springs and weights in the transmission and with the usual hot-up work (exhaust, intake etc). The Gilera Runner 125 FXR seems to be a very quick scoot so have a run on one of those.

    Years ago I was a bit surprised when I test rode the then new Peugot speedfight (100cc) and found it was much more slow from a standing start than my 50cc Yamaha Jog! Anyway, I ended up getting a Dragster 180 when they came out so I ended up with plenty of performance.