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Oh my God it's so hot :(

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by TCShadow, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. I get completely drenched by the time I complete my 30-40 minute commute... I'm actually in envy of the crazy mofos riding around in shorts and a t-shirt. Is there protective wear that is actually cool to wear in the summer?

    I need to commute on a bike but it's getting silly I end up sweating my shirt through completely... a change of clothes doesn't really help cause I basically need a shower even after a short ride.

    Anyone had good experiences with something that doesn't get as hot as far as upper body goes? My legs are ok in hornee jeans but my jacked sweats like a mofo. got an Rjays textile jacket atm.
  2. Strangely enough my leather jacket (non-perforated) is cooler in the hot weather than my textile jacket.

    Try it if you have one - otherwise get a perforated leather jacket I reckon.

    Also might pay to simply have a t-shirt on under the jacket, and have your shirt in a backpack to change into at work.
  3. damp t-shirt under jacket?
    Haven't tried it myself :p
  4. I wear leathers all the time, and more recently picked up a pair of leather pants. Heat city...

    Googled around and found that there are clothing that have 'wicking' properties; moves the moisture away from the skin, to help cool off.

    Some people seem to like 'Under Amour' (and similar) from what google searches I found.

    Might be worth a looksie.
  5. Not damp. Soaking wet.

    Zip up your jacket so it doesn't dry too quickly.

    Feels bloody fantastic!
  6. Get some mesh armour, then you can ride around shirtless! :grin:
  7. you can get mesh jackets which help a bit. I've got an old motodry one. a coolmax shirt underneath helps. there are cooling vests
    which tempt me but in melb I'd probably not get a lot of use out of it.
  8. Before I bought my Ixom summer jacket I was thinking about the Draggins long sleeve teeshirt with possibly some armour over the top. Look a bit daft but should cover off all safety aspects.
  9. TCShadow, Don't know how you feel about mesh jackets there's a recent thread on them. I have Dainese and can handle 40 degree days sitting at lights quite comfortably.

    I saw one at Deux for around 200 and the entire thing was like a fishermans net with ce armour at shoulders, elbow and back. Depending on your riding speed worth considering.
  10. The problem with commuting isn't being hot on the way, anyway can suck it up and wear leathers when they need protecting. The problem is arriving where you need to be covered in sweat and smelling like BO. Even a change of clothes after arriving wont really help that unless you can shower.

    In slow commuting traffic in 40degree heat it really comes down to mesh, taking the cage or smelling like crap.
  11. I was looking at a mesh jacket a while back. Commuting to work in the leather jacket was killing me, got to work looking like I'd just been for a swim. Has anyone had an off in a mesh jacket? What's the protection like?
  12. 2 offs in textiles, one at 20ish the other at 30-40. Both had a few small marks on it afterwards but barely noticeable.

    DriRider climate control the one I have, with the removeable winter and rain layers - I leave them out all the time. I paid 270ish 2 years ago.
  13. I use the Joe Rocket Phoenix 3.0 mesh jacket which I found by accident on special at Sydney City Motorcycles online shop: http://shop.sydneycitymotorcycles.com.au/p/563516/joe-rocket-phoenix-30-bbg.html

    Seemed to be a good bargain for $99.95 even if it's an outdated model, and got some good reviews here and other sites.

    I've removed the lining and ride with a running T-shirt underneath (the type that wicks sweat away and dries quickly) from Nike, New Balance, Asics etc...and get changed into my suit and shirt at work.

    It's been great over the last few days when it's been boiling hot....my only gripes are that there aren't enough pockets (and no waterproof pocket for my MP3 player which the later models have)...and the mesh material easily catches on anything velcro so I have to keep ripping the velcro off (e.g. gloves etc). Otherwise, highly recommended and decent amount of padding even if I look like a PowerRanger.

    Can't vouch for it during an 'off'.....and I'd rather not test that side of it.

    Oh..this is off-topic...but the lining does work in keeping you dry in rain...but the jacket itself does get soggy, heavy and wet. I recently bought a cheap Rainbird PVC rain set with jacket and pants from the , and wear that over the jacket and my Draggins when it's wet. Keeps me dry and good value for $30 at the local workwear store.
  14. yeah that exactly is my point... I'd happily wear leathers if i had a shower i could use at work because by the time I finish the 30-40 minute commute my shirt is completely soaked...

    I'll look into getting a mesh jacket but I'll have to get one with a waterproof liner cause my bike doesn't really have the storage for proper wet weather gear... and it's raining atm(oh the irony)
  15. HA :LOL: I've been caught out with my mesh/draggins in rain ...

    Nothing like taking a bath on top of a moving bike.
  16. I feel sick, like I am going to vomit from the heat. :cry:
  17. I got my DriRider Air Ride for $180 and its awesome in the Qld heat. I have taken the waterproof liner out and now its just mesh and armour. Perfect. :grin:
  18. I bought a MotoDry Stealth mesh jacket the other day. Mesh side panels and inside sleeves. I stayed inside and missed Saturday's oven test but it feels good so far.
  19. The worst thing is you end up smelling like a wet dog
  20. www.skins.com.au - good stuff. similar to underarmour etc they arent cheap but they work. otherwise just a good mesh jacket and a wet top.