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Oh my f@#%$%g God, Kawasaki are winning!!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Johnny Come Lately, Sep 17, 2005.

  1. Talk about stretching the numbers... its a 1353cc engine.
    Wait for it... Suzuki will now release a factory Turbo 'Busa just to take the crown back.
  2. Oh man, where can I sign up????

    That is AMAZING!!!

    (doesn't say how much it weighs, but if I had a Hyabusa right now, I'd be feeling a little threatened)

    I WANT ONE!!!!
  3. Go Kwaka !!

    But of course. 8)
  4. It states in the article that they have made use of their aircraft expertise...I wonder if it's an old Spitfire donk hiding under there...that reminds me, I need to ring one of my Highabuser owning friends and let him know he's obsolete
  5. Yum Yum Yum, but what would that gorgeous monocoque fairing cost to replace if you fell over in the car park??
    Anyway, that's nit-picking, looks good and they will probably sell every one they can make in the US, I would think......
  6. Ugly beast isn't it ;)

    As it will be restricted to the same top speed as every other bike capable of breaking it (186mph) it is all a bit pointless....
  7. yeah, but how fast will it GET THERE?????
  8. And it looks SOOOOOOO sexy. The same however cannot be said for the eyeabusa
  9. All pretty easy to beat...if you're that way inclined, of course :D
  10. Which is more powerful, I wonder; the aircraft expertise in the ZZ-R1400 or the RCV DNA in the CBR600RR?

    Since Kawasaki spent the latter years of WWII building a fighter plane powered by a Japanese version of the Messerschmitt Bf109's Daimler-Benz inverted V12, one of those would be more likely...

    IK <- recovering aerosexual

    PS: I can dig that thing with a shovel. Unless they cheated and paid Shaquille O'Neal to ride it for the promo shots, it looks like it won't be all that huge, which can only be a good thing.

  11. about 0.56 sec quicker than the last one.
    all that hoohah for a fraction of a second faster.
    Big deal.
    (Still a nice looking bike)
  12. IK for the benefit of those of us who've led a sheltered life, please explain your sig..... :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Just so as not to give you an easy answer and get you to work it out for yourself, (your bro should approve of the technique) if a number of people on this board can be described as motosexuals, an aerosexual would be a... what?
  14. A plane fanatic! Thought it was, but didn't want to assume.........
    Our mutually-aged friend is Perth is also a plane owner......
    High-risk statement this, but on bike size, there's an interesting article in the latest "Bike" on the amazing shrinking modern motorcycle (along with the not-so-amazing expanding modern rider....)
  15. The Eyeabusa lost its top speed mantle a couple of years ago.

    Since they brought in restriction the Eyeabusa has been a couple of clicks slower than the 12. Just like the 99 Eyeabusa was a couple of clicks faster than the 12, from memory about 2-3 only. But the one big difference between the 12 and the HayaUGLY (99) model OK it was 2-3 kmh faster but at least the 12 did not look like piece of shit with bulging pimple on its arse.

    Its funny how the HayaUGLY riders ONLY speak of the deristricted model since it was the only mod that was faster. Since then Kawi have held that mantle.

    Also I bet any money the Spewzuki EyeABUSA lads will say :you cant compare that bike with ours coz the motor is bigger , sook , sook." Just like when they had a 100cc on top of the 12 and they could only get that heap of shyte to go 2-3 faster.

    Kwack has been the top end speed king for a very long time untill that pimple on a bike came out. It lost the mantle for 3 years ONLY and reclaimed it. It now is just furthering its domination IMHO

    Cheers 8)
  16. Yep and it ONLY costs $80 little ones. Takes about 30 minutes to do.

    So I have been told :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :wink:

    Cheers 8)
  17. (hands Dazza a lime-green towelette)

    ...for the foam, you understand
    They play with words a little bit when it comes to describing the frame, and use the word monocoque a couple of times. I just wonder if they mean the same thing we mean when we use that word?
    Just asking, because if it is a true monocoque (and congrats to them if it is) then that surely must lead to lower weight and therefore improve the performance and rideability
  19. It refers to the WAY the frame wraps the engine ala 12 style I believe but I could be wrong. The top of the frame supports the engine (not cradling it from under neath), I dunno just thinking out loud without looking at the bike specs

    Cheers 8)