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Oh Mah God!

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by pebble, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. Hehehehehehe.

    I got my first bike today :)

    Outside of doing my 2 day HART learners course, this is the first time I have riden, and it is certainly the first time I have ever riden on the road.

    All I can say is 'WHOOOT'!!!!!!

    It is awesome! It is amazing. It is fantastic!

    I picked up my Suzuki GS500F today with 0km on the clock, and have already racked up 150km on the clock driving it out of Melbourne up to Wallan, and then all around the countryside. I even took it out in the wet and the dark and i think Im in love!

    Im sure you all know what it looks like but I will see if I can stick up some pictures anyway :)

    I have also come to the following conclusions:

    Riding at speeds of over 90km/h is very noisy!

    Yes, my bike can do 110kmh on the freeway!

    Whoever suggested to me that heated handgrips were a good idea was right

    Whoever invented the heated handgrip should in fact me given a nobel prize for genius

    Motorbikes are friggin heavier than they look!

    The feeling of riding is exhilirating

    Bikes are like convertables, you dont need to go fast to feel exhileration.

    Gears are easier than I thought, except neutral...

    NOw, I must go and polish my baby :)
  2. Ah, man, you bring up memories of me riding my first bike back home -- a loud-ass, baffle-less 1983 Kawasaki LTD750 -- and how I almost dropped it just going into a left turn from a stationary stop. I still remember the exact point, on the corner of Wilshire Blvd, turning into Virgil Ave in the streets of Los Angeles...

    Good times for sure. I'd imagine that all of us can remember the first ride of our first steed.
  3. I've got the same bike :) I remember doing 40 km/hr round the back streets and it felt like I was on a friggin roller coaster :)

    Do yourselfa favour and buy these things when you have the spare cash:

    # Tyre pressure gauge;
    # Hex key set;
    # Multimeter;
    # Socket wrench and 8mm-14mm sockets;
    # Needle nose pliers.

    Learn to do a lot of the maintenance yourself, it'll save you money and it makes riding so much more satisying to know that you can take care of the little things yourself.

    Have fun :)
  4. Earplugs, save your hearing for when you're old.

    Welcome aboard, try to make it to Sat learners.

  5. I'm old; listen to what he's saying, while you can :wink:

    Welcome to the rush :LOL:
  6. Hi pebble, I know exactly what you mean, I still feel that way after 2 years of riding. I dont think that feeling of exhiliration is ever going to leave me. Happy polishing!
  7. OK, youve all seen one before, but this is my one :)

    Attached Files:

  8. Congrats on your new bike.
    I agree the best bike in the world...... not that I'm biased....:cheeky:

    Seriously though.
    The GS500 is probably in the top group of the best LAMS bikes available.
    I'm sure you'll love your bike as I do....
    Picked mine up same as you with 0 K's Xmas eve last year and about to hit 12,000K.
    Couldn't be happier with it so far.
    Yep, agree with the grip warmers.
    Bought mine yesterday and fitted them myself last night and what a difference riding today.... Will never do without them again.
    One thing though, if you feel that eveyone wants to pass you, check your speedo as it's probably over stating your true speed. GPS helps there.
    Living out at Wallan probably means you'll be riding at Fwy speeds often so it may appear more obvious as your riding increases.

    Take care and enjoy....
  9. good work :)

    get some ear plugs, even the basic foam ones work a treat. ive managed to grab heaps of them, working on construction sites has its advantages (like boxes of the things). my problem is i have no bike to ride currently!

    stay safe :)
  10. Great fun aint it? Even the most mundane journey becomes an adventure...that's why I love it.
    Here's mine all blinged up

  11. Nice bike!

    Thanks to all for the encouragment.

    Tomorrow I take the bike to work for the first time. I have been out a few times around the town. Still managing to stall occassionally, and just found out how much of a bugger it is to try and do a hill start!

    But its all good. Im loving it. Im very careful, but I am enjoying the feeling. As soon as I get my first service, i will see if I can get involved in a ride or two :)