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Oh, just another new guy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Indicver, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. G'day netrider, just joined recently and found that this place is a great storehouse of valuable info. its helping me heaps!

    still in the process of looking at bikes and gear.. ive had my L's for 4/5 months now but still havent got one yet haha just havent had the money till now :p

    Just thought i'd introduce myself and get to know you guys better, looking forward to hearing back from y'as

  2. good morning to you, and welcome to the fun :)
  3. Welcome to the forum, get down to a saturday session where you can see many different learner bikes. Ive got cbr250 for sale, if you are interested PM me.
  4. Welcome to NR.

    You can even drive down to St Kilda Saturday Session to get a feel of bikes, the gear etc if are interrested.
  5. Welcome to NR :)
  6. Howdy! I had my license for ages before I got my bike as well.. just keep on saving and sitting on bikes until you figure out what you like.
  7. I like your style, welcome to NR.
  8. Thanks guys :)

    This saturday sesh at st.kilda sounds like a pretty sweet idea, cheers Guru and Libran. What times is the event on for? i work all day but get a break from 2 to 6pm

    haha yeah and it doesnt help being as indecisive as i am either devochka!
  9. Start time is 10 and goes on till 1 (officially) but sometimes there are people who stay back and catch up for another hour or so.
  10. cheers mate, i actually start work around then but i'll have a chat to the old boss and see if i can get the morning off to go to this
  11. G'day Indicver. Welcome to NR.
  12. cheers kneedragon, lovin the atmosphere here
  13. Hiya, just realise that whatever you decide on for your first bike it wont take long before you realise there's something better you want. Go for it as soon as you see a decent and reliable bike to learn on.
  14. :D So True! I'm like that after 4 months on my new bike.
  15. hmm you will always look and drool about other bikes, and the best part is, your bike wont get jealous :)
    welcome to nr!
  16. /me nods from up this way.
  17. Hi and welcome to NR
  18. i'm thinking i might go for that cbr250 or something along those lines.. although a cb400 super four or even a 659 would be pretty sweet :D