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oh I see how it is!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Zeffy, May 31, 2011.

  1. sunday evening i parked my bike in a allocated spot that i would not have normally as i live in a unit block/apartments and there is not a enough spaces for the cars, however i decided i wanted to park undercover and off the gravel.

    Monday afternoon i come down to go to work i turn to see a car where my bike should be and to the left my bike, looking down at the concrete to see scuff marks from my back tire being pulled/dragged to move my bike closer to the wall so they could fit their fat ass car in

    my bike was thankfully unhurt

    but it made me really upset that they think they can just move my bike out of the way just because it is light enough to do so!, i have every right to park there since it is first in best dressed so to speak and i'm sure they wouldn't like it if i had their car towed!

    does anyone have any ideas to prevent this from happening in the future? apart form not parking there since that is obvious

  2. Smash every piece of glass in the car, and spraypaint "F*ck off you caging c**t" across the bonnet.
  3. What sort of bike do you have? Must be pretty light.

    Try a note on the windscreen telling them next time they do it you'll arrange to have their car moved.

    If that doesn't work, try Nitekreepers suggestion.
  4. wite a note and tell Tell them to be afraid - very afraid if they ever touch your bike again
  5. Maybe installing a motion sensitive bike alarm would help deter anyone from moving it?

    As much as they are dicks for moving your bike, I don't think vandalising their car will help.
  6. Don't park in full spots if there's places you can fit your bike. Don't get me wrong, it was a shit of a thing for them to do. But if you can fit your bike in a non car spot do it. Use a bit of common courtousy. It sounds like there were pleanty of places for you to park without depriving someone else of a spot.
  7. It can't be common, can it? Write them a note asking them to call you and then explain to them why it's not appropriate to move someone's legally parked vehicle just because you can.

    e.g. "If half a dozen blokes dragged your car sideways out of a space you parked it in, would you be impressed? Now bearing in mind that a bike is much easier to drop whilst moving and can end up with a damage bill in the thousands for even minor cosmetic work, can you see where I'm coming from?"

    Of course, there's a good chance the person who moved it is a total knob (otherwise they wouldn't have moved it), but it seldom hurts to be polite at first.
  8. I'm guessing this was the only spot undercover.....maybe I'm wrong.
  9. Get an alarm. A REALLY loud one.
  10. search up the thread about towing and private car parks... IIRC it's illegal to move another car/bike/etc, without the necessary police stuff etc.
  11. OK agree they shouldn't have touched your bike, but in the end your bike and the car were undercover and and on the concrete, so why didn't you park like that in the first place?

    No having a go, just a question.
  12. As much as I agree with you about the courtesy bit the person who parked their cage in the spot obviously wasn't showing any courtesy by moving the bike, they should of left a note on the bike about it not take it upon them self to move the bike, what would happened if they dropped the bike, you have to go through the trouble of wasting time (maybe money depending if the insurance & if the person fesses up) getting the bike back to normal (scratches, indicators, mirrors etc).

    Personally I would of put got stickers and attached a note to the car but that's just me.
  13. Like I said it was a shit of a thing for the car driver to have done. But I do feel a bit of undestanding towards them. The OP did say that they lived in an apartment block with limited car spaces available, and here is someone taking up a whole space for their bike when there was clearly other space available. If I was in a car and saw this I wouldn't move the bike, but I would think the actions of the rider were fairly rude and maybe leave them a note.

    Last thing we want as riders is more cagers thinking we are all rude pricks.
  14. What's so rude about parking legally in the last available spot? As compared with, say, dragging someone's vehicle across the floor?!
    In an apartment block there's probably a rabid Body Corporate involved, full of retirees with nothing better to do than make trouble for people parking "illegally"...
  15. Im not comparing the two, moving the bike was not cool and is a seperate issue I haven't addressed. But I think that we shouldn't take a full space if we can avoid it. And seeing as the driver could move the bike to a place where it was still legally parked and could fit both vehicles in this would not have been difficult for the OP to achieve. The OP asked how they could avoid this happening in future and I think my advice is more then valid.
  16. I don't think it's rude to park in an available parking spot, unless there is marked and allocated motorbike parking available.

    Does that mean car drivers can just move our bikes in any parking lot should they wish to make room for their own vehicle?

    I wonder if the car owner was a visitor or a resident?
  17. If you're entitled to use the spot but choose not to out of courtesy to cagers because your bike can fit else where, I suggest that you
    a) start making regular use of the spot and,
    b)get yourself a hefty chain and one of these

    If you're not normally entitled to the spot and don't want ar$eholes moving your bike get the afore mentioned chain and attach it to something far less movable.
  18. I used to have a tool for this problem, now where was it, ah here it is!


    Take a day off work, sit on on the bonnet with this by your side. When the perpetrator arrives, discuss with him the merit of not touching your bike again.

    Though of course if it was my bike he'd probably look something like this

    or had a bunch of friends that helped...

    In which case make sure you have your bunch of friends on speed dial

    Or you could dress for the occasion in which case they probably won't want to go near your bike for other reasons...

    Or my favorite is to mash up with bits of flesh still between the teeth and blood all over so when they turn up you spit out a finger and ask if this is their car as the last guy couldn't decide quick enough.

    But in all seriousness, chain it up, only nutters like me carry bolt cutters in the car.
  19. Better still, organize a dozen blokes to turn his car around in the spot so that they can't get out... Wedge it in behind the pillar so that they only way you can get it out is the same way it was put there :D That is picked up and dropped there.

    I say don't get all agro about it, get even. Move their car Leave a nice note pointing out what a pain in the ass it is to have your vehicle moved.

    Be sure to post pics though if you do it!
  20. Is that spot normally used by that car? Or is it a first in best dressed sort of deal?

    Definitely worth at least a note.

    ...you could borrow Wolve's friends... but I think that would just end up as a party with your 25 bestie female friends attending. lol