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Oh i saw you....

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by CBRider, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. So i got together with the boys and went for a ride, we havn't gone out in months and everyone was itching to get the smokers out for a blast.
    We park the cars at my fathers house unload and make the 5K trip down the road to the state forest, everyone had a good ride, noone broke down, few bruised but no blood or broken bones... anyway.
    Heading back down the road i was leading at about 60k's, about 2-300m infront of the other 4 when a farmer looks at me... FKING STRAIGHT IN THE EYE and pulls out of his driveway maybe 15-20m infront of me. I went into survival mode, swerved into a table drain did a big way out of conrol powerslide caught it and took off down the road shaking.
    So get to my fathers driveway, pull in turn the fuel off everyone shows up, farmer joe pulls in.

    joe: if i see you riding that on the road again i'll ****ing run you over.
    me: WTF didn't you see me
    joe: oh i saw you, next time im calling the police
    jay: hoy man the're all rego'd... just leave
    joe: dont be a smart arse they're just number plates on dirt bikes. And if see you riding like that again i'll run you over.
    i started to get a bit pissed at this point​
    me: you ****ing pulled out infront of me you douche wtf am i supposed to do, get in your car and **** off before...
    joe: thats it im calling the police,
    me: buddy theres a phone inside your more than welcome to

    By this point he's started working out its not going his way and he left, with threats of noise complaints ect...
    Im not sure how to feel about it, we spend alot of money keeping dirtbikes legal and have a good reputation with the local police so it really hit a nerve. I got ofended and got cheeky, im not sure if i was right to do what i did but yeah... vent over.

    Not sure if we'll hear from him again, but it'll be interesting if i do.
  2. You did nothing wrong mate and based on your good rep with the local police (and the witnesses you had with you on the day), I'd say you have diddly squat to worry about.
  3. You have three witnesses saying he deliberately tried to hit you, that's really not cool and you have every right to go to the police yourself and make a complaint. Negligent driving, intimidation with a vehicle. Not light charges to face.
  4. You definitely SHOULD go to the Police. Allow them the opportunity to investigate. Hopefully this farmer doesn't doing anything like it again, to you or anyone else, but if he does there will be a record of this pattern of behaviour and that will allow police to act in the future (if they're unable to do so now).
  5. +1
    If your mates are happy to sign statements/stat decs etc head down the cop shop and put him on record and as WolfishGrin says it will start a file if he doesn't already have one. There's enough idiots on the road not trying but succeeding to take us out without this pinhead doing it deliberately.
  6. I'm with Wolfish brother, get your arse and your mates down the station and put in a formal complaint. Please.

    It's not you need to cover yourself, it's that you have to put an end to this guys behaviour.

    He's made a threat against you and you have witnesses. Considering these wankers like to go and string ropes and wires up across tracks, him skittling you with his tractor is the least of your worries. Go do it, you may actually save a life.
  7. Riding like what? Don't get it!!
    And if it was me.. farmer's eyes would be blackened!
  8. Apparently the guys not long moved in there and is already onto the neighbours about their kids getting the bikes out on sundays, i dont want to send him on a vendetta against everyone if i can help it.
    Im not sure how he's going to take a report, but if he keeps going i'll play the game. I'll informally let them know whats going on though im not sure i want to take it further just yet.
  9. take it further, immediately.

    i wouldn't want a single rider down there after a great day to be sliding down the road cause this dick has pulled out in front of them. if the police don't know about it, why would they take his or any future reports seriously? they'd call it an accident.

    if they know of his mindset and his intentions they'll be more willing to help out riders.
  10. Mate it sounds like he already is on some kind of vendetta, which started before he got to you...
    And although you had the skills to avoid him, those neighbour's kids probably don't.

    Please report him.

  11. Man up mate and make a formal on the record complaint. As you say he's just moved into the area and he's already made his mindset known. What makes you think he's just going to stop of his own accord?

    I highly doubt this will all just settle down on it's own. The guy seems to be unreasonable and perhaps just a little bit nutty.

    He's tried to hurt you
    He's threatened to injure you
    He's tried to intimidate you

    ...and he's only just moved in.

    If you don't want him to go any further you have no option but to stop him. So go to the cops, but yes be wary of reprisals, but don't let that stop you.
  12. I don't know what NSW is like but down here in Vic you'd be better off letting it slide...

    I've had two similar instances, one of our group was a cop in the first instance which quickly shut old mate farmer up - we filed a report and two months later the track was officially shut to bikes...

    2nd instance was out near our property in central Vic, after several groups making reports of farmer bell ends idiotic and threatening behaviour, Parks Vic signed all the tracks 'No Bikes' and gated most of the major tracks...
  13. Report it before he kills someone.
  14. And you did not bash his skull in and bury him in said state forest, why?
  15. Sound advice.

    /or rhetorical question
  16. This happened on a public road, I doubt they'll close it....
  17. Anger management or Murder

    You must report him, There is no way you can live the rest of your life knowing you did not, especially if he ends up murdering some one and gets away with no fault. It is the only Moral thing to do. His intentions are Murderous.

    What the **** is his Problem !?, Not for you to decide or fix
    But it will not get fixed unless you start the ball rolling. “With a police incident report“.

    Get your buddies to go along with you, and just ask the police what can be done and what needs to be done.

    Do not worry about any kind of further Aggravation you may cause the man. But do mention to the police that you were hesitant/fearful of making a report due to that possibility, It is your character assessment of the person as a witness at the scene.

    Do it!

    Do not attempt to talk to the farmer, And do not take matters into your own hands. Leave it to the Police etc.

    Report all further incidents immediately. And Remain Clear Calm and Collected when making the Statement at the police station.
  18. ^^ what he said
  19. Re: Anger management or Murder

    Wise words
    do it
    just do it
  20. And another for reporting... Or going the belangolo option... What a ****.