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Oh I just gotta get a pair of these ...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Charmed, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. Oh I just gotta a pair of these ...

    Ladies ... boots with heels, & they dont look to bad @ allHERE
    now we talking
  2. Definately 'cfm's' :LOL:
  3. Huh? Did I just imagine I posted a reply to this thread?
  4. Hey they look oright and it would mean I could reach the ground properly on the SV :LOL:
  5. yeah me too?
  6. But worn under a pair of draggins, who would know :p
  7. We would know flipper!

    Very bikie moll, luv em. Go for it girls
  8. oh very nice, I now have bike boot envy!
  9. yeah..I must be imagining things too :roll:
  10. Can whoever is deleting posts from this thread PM me please
  11. The boots are nice....very verrry nice. I already have a pair of boots - they are not as nice as these. I want these ones. Hotness!!

    V1 & mattisan - glad I'm not going insane. :)
  12. It aint me cause I'm postin to it :p
  13. $200 AU....hmmm...I'm off to find the nearest stockist to me. :)
  14. Might go boot & leather jacket hunting myself on friday, since Mr Charmed has the day off & kids still on holidays. Gotta pick up 1 or both 250's up from shop, $hit might not have enough riders. Well pick 1 of the bikes up anyway.

    OH OH put the hint out ... good wedding anniversay pressie I think :LOL:
  15. Rosie, raceway suzuki in Keilor rd Niddrie will be getting the new 2007 range of Icon stuff instore within the next few weeks, I spoke to the distributor at the expo and I have his card, so if ya cant find what ya want, let me know and I'll pass on his details :)
  16. OH crap just forget about the hunting trip I know all to damn well wont find squat up here. Hmmmm can I work on another trip down.

    Making note on Keilor Rd Niddrie. Got it
  17. Thanks V1 :grin: Pass his details on.

    A girl can never have too many pairs of riding boots can she? :wink: :cool:

    BTW, I saw the kitty jacket at the expo....nice. :)
  18. Oh hurrah for finally getting Icon stuff in Aus. I love their stuff :)

    Wonder how long it will take before they get it in Canberra :(
  19. Man....I have to wait til they are in the country....If they are a big size 10, they'll fit....otherwise I miss out......AGAIN! :mad:

    (I think its pick on lil day today.....all these things I can't do/get :cry: )
  20. LIL?!??!?!?!?!?!?!

    You get a pair of these and you'll hit the fcuken powerlines even with you tucked under the screen :p