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Oh how things have changed

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. Check out this page of pics here

    The site is full of racing car pics from the 50's to the 80's but this page has several bike pics.

  2. I've always thought and always will that seeing those guys hanging off a motorbike like that is the CRAZIEST thing i've ever seen in motorsport. What were they thinking!!!
  3. I'm sure I saw Chairman doing this last week on the western ring road.......
  4. Thanks for all those wonderful memories.
    You can see, I'm sure, how the arrival of the Windle Yamaha TZ-700-engined beast made the others instantly obselete. Thereby leading to the unprecedented domination of sidecar racing by Taylor/Frazer in the years following, with their immaculate preparation and clinical style.
    We used to watch the sidecar guys preparing to practice, watching the gate and HOPING that the mean black outfit wasn't coming, and then seeing their shoulders sag when the transporter rolled though the gate. Everyone else was racing for second place!
  5. Just for Hornet600 here are some more photo's from the recent Winton All Historic Car & Bike meeting.

    Make sure you use the left/right arrow buttons on the page to go through all the pages.
  6. My favorite circuit. God I miss riding there... I would ride there virtually every friday for about 2 years.

    More importantly, they are getting some of those old bikes cranked over nicely.... :D
  7. Oh fantastic, who would have the rider/bike information for these pics????
  8. Hey Skuff, did you ever race at Hume Weir, and if so when and what bike(s)?
  9. Try the HMRAV web site.

    This year was the first since 1988 I didn't get to (missed out on the officials coffee mug as well) cos I was in Perth for the Superbikes instead so I don't have a copy of the program which could've help Id some of the riders/bikes.
  10. AMAZING stuff!!!
    never ever seen bikes this old, let alone being raced....
    what a sheltered life i have lead...........
    old school is cool
  11. AAAHH an OFARC's vision of heaven 8)

    When bikes were basic, but honest. The race rules relied on gentlemans rules, where "sportsmanship" meant "good sport" not "how can I fark with his mind".

    The "good old days" before the stinking beaurocrats started killing all the fun.

    "sigh" back to the hot cocoa and hot water bottle......