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oh hi!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by manfy, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. hey, my name's sam, and i'm an alc-wait, wrong room

    soon-to-be new rider, got my L's and my gear, and now just looking for a ride to take me fun places. any suggestions? i was looking at a vtr250, but that perhaps i should look for something with a little more oomph

    anyhoo, obligatory hello done, hope to see a few of u round :)
  2. Hi and welcome to NR. Where are you from?

    VTRs are great bikes, but if you tell us the sort of things you want to do, it might help us a bit. Also are you tall, heavy etc etc??? I own a VTR; not tall, but heavy. The VTR has been great in nearly all situations, but sometimes I think it would have been better to have something more powerful. If you're smallish, it'll be fine.

    Also a heads up - seeing you're female, you'll be asked if you're hot.
  3. hi greydog!

    no, not too tall, bout 5'7, heavy though, bout 90kgs at the moment. basically i just want something fun and comfortable, comfort is my main issue, i don't really care what the bike itself looks like. oh, and i have to be able to keep up with my bf's gs500 apparently ^-^
    doing a trip to central aust in august so really, it's gotta be comfy!

    i knew that question would get asked, thanks for bringing it up early! no, not hot, so fellas, please move along :)
  4. Greetings. :)

    Particular type of bike you like? Naked? Sports? Cruiser? You get the gist... Also go sit on all different sorts (in the relevant riding position... test ride if you can/want) and see what you like. Guessing a sportsbike might not be ideal with the comfort thing but each to their own - I'm very much at home on one. Also think about what features aside from comfort might be important to you (ABS, fuel gauge, EFI, pretty instrument cluster, fuel efficiency etc etc). Bikes without fragile pretty fairings aren't my forte, but anyway - CB400? One of the more oomphy LAMS bikes, naked, a trusty Honda, and so on.
  5. Welcome to NR.

    Are you hot?

    Now that that is out of the way. Preference as to what bike you want? Touring can be done on a 250, but bigger would be nicer, is that the main use? Computing? Weekend blast? All the above most likely.
    Sit on as many as you can and post pics when you finally choose.
    Have fun.
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  6. Nerdrider strikes again *facepalm*

    Oh, and surely the best way to keep up with bf's GS500 would be to get one yourself...
  7. Buy a golf cart...put a gixxer 600 engine in it...add a turbo...some more apt wheels and suspension- open a longneck as you flip your partner off when you pass him in the middle of nowhere
  8. Comfort equals cruiser
    Get a 650 cruiser
  9. Greydog that was a cop out - your turn next again an get it right
  10. Welcome Manfy.

    You wouldn't happen to know Gord would you?
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  11. thanks for the warm welcome! :)

    had a bit of a slow cruise around a carpark on the GS500 today, and must say didn't do too badly. still a little worried that the bike itself will be too big for me, but i could handle it alright at very low speeds (not confident enough to go any faster yet!)

    as to people recommending a cruiser, i have thought of it, just not sure the seating style will suit me, got a few back issues. in saying that though, i haven't actually sat on one, so it'll go on my to-do list

    mainly i was the bike for fun, bit of cruising around on the weekends, not sure whether i'll use it for commuting as yet

    and yes HB, i would happen to know gord, he owns the GS500 i need to keep up with :)
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  12. welcome to NR
  13. so I did actually get a bike, picked him up on Tuesday (yes, he is a boy, females are just so temperamental...)

    2008 honda cb400. will post pics when i actually get to see him in the daylight ^-^
  14. Now you just have to keep the big fella off it, so YOU can ride it.

    It seems to have got his tick of approve.

    Take baby steps, but have fun.
  15. Haha HB, he can't get on it if I beat him to it!

    He's taken me for a few rides this week, pretty sure he's ready to headbutt me with his helmet on after my "baby steps" ^-^
  16. good choice of bike, enjoy :)
  17. Welcome manfy :D

    You will run rings around him on the CB !!!

    See you @ satdy practice soon ???
  18. Oooo yay you got the CB400! Congratulations. :) And lol... my bike is a female for that exact reason; such a princess, so fickle.
  19. Welcome to netrider.

    What's your budget for the bike?
  20. Welcome Manfy.

    Great choice of bike, I've been really happy with mine. Doesn't stop me wanting something else though! Have a great time on it and you'll have no problem keeping up with the GS - I know that from personal experience.