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Oh hell, I just couldnt do it, bloody woose..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by incitatus, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. Some of you may remember that I decided to sell my Ducati a few weeks ago to put the money into an aircraft restoration project. Well I advertised it originally for $8k then realized it was too cheap and upped it to $8,995. I had the usual wankers call, then a couple of real offers of $8,500 which I decided not to accept. Finally today I had a bloke call back and say he would up his original offer to the asking price, so I said yes. He was due to call round at 6:30pm with the cash, so I decided to go for one last ride. It has been raining over here today, real heavy, but there was a window of nice blue sky in the middle of the afternoon, so I went for an 'enthusiastic' blat in the hills for about an hour. Half way back home, going hard through a long smooth series of fast sweepers with everything 'in the slot', I had to admit why I had been so stubborn on the price, I didn't really want to sell it at all. Sooooo, After one groveling phone call apologizing profusely to the guy whose offer I had verbally accepted, the aircraft project is shelved, and the Ducati is now a definite keeper.......bloody Italians.

  2. yes yes, you made the right choice, i took a duke for a spin once and if i owned one i dont think it'd be to easy to sell it
  3. Good call. :wink:

    What could you have done with an aircraft with a 1hr window of nice weather? Not much.
  4. God or what ever you believe in will provide! You've made the right choice & karma will find a way for you to achieve both! It may just take a little longer than your original time frame! Maybe look for a partner who is cashed up to join you!
  5. Hock it for booze money!
  6. That happened to my VL wagon...... boy did that come back to bite me on the ass their. I will have to disagree with you there....
  7. That's pretty harsh. That guy is probably shattered now. :p
  8. yes you did the right thing, as the old saying go's when in doubt "dont".
  9. Now THAT is true.... oh so true....
  10. To even consider parting with a Ducati is just nauseating, I'm speachless....
  11. Damn I was on the look out for a cheap espresso machine. :grin:
  12. Sooooo, how many people as well as me were betting that when it came right down to it that George couldn't sell a bike he'd battled so hard to get in the first place???

    Good call mate, you can always sell the wife if the finances get that tight :LOL:.
  13. People sell bikes?
  14. +1 Well I will be selling mine, but that is only to upgrade. Where is there to go from a Ducati 900? Isn't much to go really, except the new model or maybe an MV Auggie :p