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Oh Harrow, new NT member... any others perchance?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Killswitch, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. Hey all, young'n (17) here looking to get on a bike soon due to a multitude of reasons. Currently don't have my licence but aiming on picking it up by next march/april at latest. Due to our seasons it'd be absolutely idiotic to get it now... its about to rain constantly from oct to late march.

    Still not entirely sure whether I want a road or trail, leading towards road but time will tell.

    Any other Darwin members around the place?

    Anyway, nice community here, very informative and have enjoyed my lurking prior to signing up :)


    Fake Edit: Got a posting error... don't know if it went through?
  2. Harrroooooo!!!!!
  3. {supresses urge to shout, "Book Him, Danno".}

    Welcome to the friendly forum, Danno...
  4. {supresses urge to shout, "Book Him, Danno".}

    Welcome to the friendly forum, Danno...
  5. Showing your age :p :LOL:

    My uncle still says that :oops:
  6. Hi Killswitch,

    I didn't think it rainned that much in Darwin. The only serious rain you ever get up
    there is during cyclones and in January/Feburary. All other times, were 100% ridable.
    For years, all I owned was a bike. That was my main mode. Only occasionly did I have
    to take the bus (god help me.. Darwin bus service.. take a cloths peg with you and
    some head phones). I think Darwin roads are the best in Australia, even though
    they can be quite boring to ride. The only thing you have to worry about up there
    is the copious amounts of drunk drivers. I live in Adelaide now, and it took me awhile
    to lose my paranoia with car drivers.

    Loz: all that Muell riding has made you hit the Pink Lady ;)
  7. Yeah, but I'd hate to be caught in some of those massive downpours with only a few weeks experience under my belt... just don't wanna risk it. Want to have the dry season to learn and ease myself into it, minimise the things I have to deal with initially. Then when the rain sets in next year I can focus on riding in that more.

  8. Welcome to the forums Killswitch :)
  9. Welcome Killswitch
  10. Welcome Killswitch..hmmmm NT....woooo hooo...'no speed limit' roads... :grin: :grin:
  11. Gotta love em! Pretty damn good roads too, gotta watch out for damn wildlife though, dead or alive.