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VIC Oh great they are protecting us from ourselves again....

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Jem, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. http://www.vicpolicenews.com.au/news/5882-operation-sandstorm-targeting-motorcycle-riders.html

    Prahran Highway Patrol members are currently conducting an operation targeting motorcycle offences and motorcycle safety within the Port Phillip Police Service Area.

    The operation will be ongoing until the end of March, from Elwood to Port Melbourne.

    Local highway patrol members, with assistance from the State Highway Patrol, Operations Response Unit and the Special Solo Unit, will target road user behaviours known to contribute to injury collisions.

    Four motorcyclists have been killed so far this year, two within the metropolitan area and two within regional Victoria, with 30 killed last year.

    Sergeant James Robbins of Prahran Highway Patrol said that police would be saturating the area to ensure motorcyclists comply with the road rules and they also remained safe on Victoria’s roads.

    “Motorcyclists are among our most vulnerable road users and are traditionally over represented in road trauma despite only making up about four per cent of vehicles in Victoria,” he said

    “Ensuring your bike is in good, roadworthy condition and you are wearing full safety gear including helmet, gloves and quality protective clothing could save your life.

    “Other offences such as mobile phone usage, impaired driving, distraction offences, bicycle offences and pedestrian offences will also be targeted during the operation.

    “Police will be using various policing methods during the operation, including marked and unmarked patrols, ANPR technology, BlueNet vehicles, booze buses and mobile road safety cameras.

    “We want all road users to be aware of other motorists and get to their destination safely.”

    Leading Senior Constable Paul Turner
    Media Officer
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  2. Who comes up with these names?

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  3. "distraction offences"... Does that mean if you're walking/driving/riding/existing etc... and noticed by the HP taking their mind off the job for a moment, you're a marked man?
  4. Heads up Gixxer squids
  5. Yeah I found the reference to safety gear pretty insulting.

    We just pulled you over and fined you for (insert some BS rule) or gave you a condescending lecture, now thank us for saving your life.
  6. They should just come into line with the rest of the East Coast states and allow filtering. That would make us six times safer.
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  7. Last time i checked the only safety gear i was required to wear by law, is a helmet.
    Someone please correct me if i am wrong.
    So what would they be fining you for?
    Or am i misreading this?
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  8. I think you're right. Helmets are the only requirement as I know, but knowing VicPol - if you're wearing any other protective gear they may check it for an AS sticker - because if it doesn't have one, then it's probably more dangerous, and you'd be better off without it than with it. :rollseyes:
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  9. They are not fining they will just give you a lecture.

    They will probably give you a fine for some other Bs if you tell them to fcuk off. Just lay back and think of England
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  10. If i get pulled over just to recieve a lecture for not wearing an item that isnt required by law i may spit the dummy so to speak. I am fully aware of the safety issues when not wearing certain items, i do not need some fcukwit telling me im a danger to myself. Stupid bloody vic pol wasting their time again.
  11. You are misreading. The didn't say fining for gear. Obviously helmet related issues excepted.
  12. That sounds like a "failed attitude test" fella.
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  13. .....If only we could grab their taser before they decide it's needed.... :shifty:
  14. Hahaha, i often fail that test when it comes to matters of police.
  15. It would also include an AS high vis' vest for anyone who received their L's after 14 October 2014. As far as I know that's the only other required item besides an AS helmet. Only got my L's 4 weeks ago and the topic of gear was something we discussed at length, but gloves, pants, boots & jackets are still not mandatory, just sensible (to me), but give 'em time, it will be eventually ;)
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  16. Congrats on getting your L's, hope you enjoy your time on the roads!
    I really hope they dont ever bring in mandatory gear. I like being able to choose what i wear on a daily basis :p
  17. Thanks :D I am totally loving it and I go for a ride almost every day, weather permitting, it's gonna be too hot again tomorrow as I choose to wear ATGATT :D Hoping to go for my licence in April!
  18. I think it is fantastic they are protecting us and on a personal note I got protected $300 and 3 points at the weekend.

    I feel safer already.
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  19. It's a hard test.

    Pride and sensible thought, logic and rationale are hard to fight at times.

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  20. Well, I did tell you not to drive a car :finger:
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