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Oh goody, another Brisbanite!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by adraker, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. I'm sure these forums don't have their recommended quota of Brisvegans,
    so I'm here to help!
    Just had to stop reading all the other interesting posts long enough
    to say hello.
    What a very comprehensive forum!
    I don't have a "real" bike, but a great 125 commute, at least, in my opinion.
    Only been on it a few months.
    Being pretty new to the bike scene, I've found it hard to get good advice,
    but I'm sure thats gonna change...

    Cheers to all,
  2. We've got good advice.


    Welcome aboard.
  3. g'day tim. welcome aboard mate. Is always lots to read. some you should take note of. others just laugh at. you just have to choose which :wink:

    Lots of things always goin on around brissy mate. check out the Qld Rides and Events section
  4. Thanks Balmy- I'm taking it all in..

    TRiX- I'll take my chances, theres got to be some
    pearls of wisdom here, I figure.
  5. welcome to us.......great to see another brisbanite. check out the qld rides and events......a lot of great folks hang out at milton on a friday night and mutts does a great job organising group rides for us.

    see ya on the road somewhere

  6. Thanks for the greetz kezza01, surely will...

  7. Welcome to NR.. :grin:
  8. Welcome Matey...
  9. Hey, what a friendly bunch o' deviants!
    Now I don't feel so bad about the really
    newbie questions I've got......


    Have figured out how to drink beer already
    Merv, but I'll keep your offer in mind!
  10. Welcome Tim! I'm a newbie myself, so post some details about your bike for us to read and come riding with us on the next group ride, 16 September :grin:
  11. Thanks Grofaz, I just got this Maddy 125, which is a fantastic
    little commuter, really happy with it.
    I once thought I wanted a scooter, but a bike rider talked me out of it.
    Sadly, it's not big enough to join your ride though.
    The world of two fiddies has been very confusing for me, but
    after reading an obscene amount of material here, I have answered
    my newbiest questions, I think.
    It's hard when ya don't know Jack.
    I might try to hit the coffee thing soon, I'm just over Toowong way,
    and play 20 questions....
  12. Welcome Tim! Yep - get yourself to a coffee night and you'll meet some great people, some of which might even help you out with your 250 dilemmas :grin: