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Oh God, I'm about to bling my ride

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by ScottyD, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. So I've finally migrated from riding scungy road/trailies to a nice shiny cruiser (Suzuki C50 Boulevard) and am suddenly overwhelmed with an irrational urge to to make it even prettier and shinier (is this normal?).

    My first priority, apart from upgrading the exhaust (see cruiser thread), is to get a sissy bar + luggage rack fitted for the missus. After needing to be de-fibrillated from seeing the prices asked for by Suzuki, I've started sussing out after market goodies in the states. Holy crap. My head is swimming, so many options.

    Anyway, I suppose I'd better ask a question, so here goes. Is there any particular brand that anyone can recommend, or better yet, any product/company I should avoid? Kuryakyn seems to have heaps of stuff. Is it any good? As for sissy bar/luggage racks in general: can anyone see any significant considerations when considering height of bar? (Apart from aesthetics)

    Sorry if these questions seem inane, or have been covered elsewhere before.
  2. I've still got that urge to make my bike shinier & prettier so dont worry too much. That's perfectly normal behavior (in a complicated way) :D

    I can vouch for Kuryakyn. They make excellent products.

    I've heard good stuff about Willie & Max (luggage/saddle bags mainly) as well through various news, reports, reviews etc. See what you can find from there.
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  4. ScottyD, Talk to Glenn @ Republic Cycle.

    I've dealt with him and so have a few other members from here. VERY professional and even more helpful. I had my stuff within 2 weeks of ordering.
  5. Excellent, thanks for the tips guys. Will bore you all later with my results (as soon as I can talk the missus around to seeing what great investments these will be - not yet sharing the vision..... Oh, but she will!)
  6. nothing wrong with making things shinier especially a cruiser...................the more chrome the better.
  7. Just keep the spurious leather bits to a tasteful limit ;)