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OH GAWD. My stomach.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Grunge, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Too much Krispy Kremes... :p

    It is hurting tho'. Good thing is the guys at the office bought 5 boxes for $50. (Pue luck I think.)

    Bad thing is the guys who were getting it came in at 10.30am, they were supposed to be in at 9am!!!!!!!!

    And they were there from 7.30am.


    I have a feeling they'll be all full up.
  2. :LOL:

    We have a store opening here soon...
  3. krispy kreme is over rated, it will turn into another Donut King, give it 1 year and it will die. If they kept it in Sydney to 3-4 stores, it wouldn't be over saturated as it is starting to become.
  4. onlike donut king, krispy kreme actually has a product that rople like and is unique to them alone.
  5. Blasmphemy!!!!
  6. yeah, so whats your point......... :wink: :wink:
  7. It's just a fcuking donut.

    It's not crispy, and there's no cream, and that's not how you spell it anyway.

    This is the biggest cult brand I've ever seen, what a lot of old cobblers.
  8. KK = Krap krap. they are awful, and can make you sterile. Filth.
  9. Independant studdies Doonks? :LOL:

    They weren't bad at all at the Mad Max night... smaller than what i expected, but not bad...
  10. I guess we couldnt do it any worse than they do :wink: :LOL: :LOL:

    As for KK they aint going anywhere so I will wait a week or two :wink:
  11. You can't beat the hot jam donuts you get from the vans on the side of the road. Next time your out on a cold ride and you see the donut van, spend a couple of bucks and buy half a dozen hot jam donuts in a paperbag........ shove down your jacket to keep you warm and reheat em when you get home.

    What's better than an edible hot water bottle on a cold ride......
  12. what a lot of old cobblers.
    I think they probably taste better than that loz :shock: even without cream and Crunchy i dont even wanna go there, although the co co pops monkey may disagree :cool:
  13. And I can tell you all traffic around the new Krispy Kreme store at Fountain Gate is nuts. Went through there around 11:00am and the roundabout on Narre-Cranbourne Rd was gridlocked.

    And it wasn't much better an hour ago. The drive-through has a queue a mile long and there's a huge marquee chockers with people.
  14. Thanks to Troy and Jackie for the delivery of donuts last night, I am taking in a half dozen to my rehab physios today, least I can do for those that are helping me walk again...... give 'em some fat and sugar!!!! (yep... we ate the other half dozen last night..... sore tummy today)

    I am a fan of the KK's.... until Tim Horton's gets here!! HMMMM canadian maple......

  15. Read the nutritional value of KK donuts !

    You might as well connect a intravenous "fat-cells" drip to your arteries !!

    Have you noticed the check-out chics behind the counter !! :shock:
    Its wrong !!
  16. Well, I got home at 6:30 am this morning after going there for the 6th time, I finally found a time when there wasn't that much of a queue...

    So my friend and I lined up to walk in-store for when they opened at 5:30, there was only about 20 people infront of us, and as we waited they handed out a teaser straight FROM the production line, they hadn't even reached the bend yet (you'll know what i'm talking about if you've been there) :) .... and OMG! so light and fluffy, i nearly died and went to heaven (both from taste and callories from the glaze)... So ended up buying the variety pack and a normal dozen for myself and a hot chocolate....

    The Hot Choc was good, not the best (as i've heard their coffee to be, but still wanting sleep i chose the less-caffinated option) but still good....

    So i went home and slept.... Now i know fresh is best, but i just tasted a few of the flavoured varieties (if you hear reports of a heart attack in a 26 yearold you'll know why :LOL: ), and I looove the jam in them, the choc icing isn't bad, but normal to me.... I just cant choose which doughnut is next to die :LOL: :LOL: ....

    So was it worth it.... Well the hype was sure worth it, the wait in a 3 hour cue, possibly if you ate them fresh as we had it in the store.

    mmmmm... the lemon custard one is good too ;)
  17. i refuse to eat them, i'd much rather (if i had a strange new facination with doughnuts.......) buy some from my local bakery.

    it shits me, 3 krispy kreme doughnuts still way less than one from most local bakerys, and the bakerys charge $1 usually...
    yet, because of this new fad created by an american company which realised it was going arse up, and finally gave in to allow poor little australia to franchise it's name and product, and the addiction to things loaded with sugar - people are paying a bucket load more, to give money to an american business who makes cheap, air filled pockets of sugar that come straight out of a big metal machine...

    30g's of sugar and 1500kJ's of fat well overpriced, waiting in a line with 20-50 mindless idiots, machine made doughnuts - just aren't for me, i suppose.

    our local bakerys need our business, they have much better product, at a much better price, but don't have the money to advertise.

    piss off KK.
  18. Say what? It's been in the US for 50 years, and when I was there a couple of years ago, they were still the best donuts I've ever had. And if it's making people fat, that's their own problem for not knowing how to regulate their eating.
  19. My favourite donuts are the jam ones from the donut van at the Vic market. Sensational.

    But...having had the occasional KK, they're pretty damn good. In small doses. Under medical supervision.