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Oh FFS where is the responsibility of the individual

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/fa...west-gate-bridge/story-e6frf7jo-1225824134995
    People are suing over the deaths of those who have suicided by jumping off the Westgate.
    It is a tragedy that people have died. It is an even bigger tragedy that a child’s life was taken by one of the people at the time. But saying the state government and Vicroads is in any way responsible for these incidents is just F$%king ridiculous.
    Next it will be all train lines having to be surrounded in barbed wire fences, then all roads then knives will be illegal and we will have to get all our food prepared by a person licensed to use a knife…
    If people are going to commit suicide then they are going to find a way, and blaming the government or vicroads for this is just abhorrent.

  2. Thats the stupidest thing I've ever heard. I hope they get massively fined and bitchslapped for taking such a frivolous action to court.
  3. I agree.

    Unfortunate is an understatement when referring to the events on the bridge (there have been MANY more than are reported BTW), but there are any number of other ways to do the deed and this won't bring them back nor stop others finding another way if they want out.

    I recall there was a driver who chose to drive head on into one of the concrete pillars of a bridge over the eastern freeway 10 or so years ago. There are hundreds of structures tall enough. Millions of metres of rope. Where does it stop?

    Save me from my own hand...
  4. The 'motivation' for this action is being touted as being to force the government's hand to do something about the problem. They would have a point (people having been killing themselves almost weekly since the bridge was built!) if it wasn't for the fact that these actions have only been instituted since the government announced final plans of what it intends to do.

    Sadly, it looks more likely that the law firms have identified a limited window of opportunity and used the lure of cash to get the families on board before it's too late. Pretty low.

    I agree that a person intent on doing themselves in will find a way, but it is also up to the authorities to make it as difficult as possible for them to succeed. I used to cross that bridge every night and lost count of the number of times I'd see people standing up there trying to talk themselves into - or out of - climbing over the rail. Something should have been done a long time ago.
  5. Yeah it is to pressure the gubberment into building some serious barriers.
  6. So in other words, we'll still have miserable suicidal people, with a few less ways to kill themselves.

    Perhaps time would be better spent improving the family courts and support given to troubled families, or extending support to the teenage boys throwing themselves off the bridge, before they even get to the bridge?
  7. Sorry???
    Address the underlying issues instead of simply putting up an other “no walking on the grass” sign???
    Well there is a novel idea
  8. It's a very american sentiment isn't it?
  9. Be nice F-L. He was only trying to be sensible.

    Also, just reading the article more throughly...

    "...better camera surveillance identified at-risk people on the bridge."

    So superman has volunteered to sit in a room and watch cameras of the bridge, and when he sees an at risk person, he takes flight to save them?

    Sorry, I just don't see it. All this will achieve is a police presence, in turn attracting a crowd, in turn attracting the media which IMO can only make things worse.
  10. Now thats just silly. We should put a giant floating beanbag on the water directly below the bridge.
  11. But how would ships get through. I think training giant falcons like the ones from LOTR is a much more feasible solution. All we need is a large perch about 500m away for them to sit on, and then we need to train them to watch the bridge. When they spot someone about to jump, they swoop in and save them from their untimely demise.

    The sheer awesominity of the situation will cause the jumper to re-evaluate their situation and then go on to lead a wholesome life where they think about the children and kittens, and everything is happy and dandy.

    It could even become a tourist attraction, boosting the local economy!

    What a win-win-win-win situation!
  12. There should definitely have been some "DO NOT KILL YOURSELF" signs on that bridge.
  13. Maybe they should leave it open to jumping - usually they land in the water right? Fairly safe unless a boat is passing underneath.

    The reason I say this is; If someone decides they are going to top themselves, they'll find a way. Not long after that southern link thing was open in melbourne I was travelling over the highest on-ramp-off-ramp thingo. Not sure which one but I think its the one that goes from the tunnel (west bound) to the bolte bridge / todd road turn off. Granted its not as high as the westgate, but its high up.

    As I was traveling over the left lane had been blocked off; two cop cars, one blue 4WD (non-cop), 4 cops, and no one else. The cops were looking over the edge. Pretty fair to assume someone jumped off. Here's the thing, below is factorys / buildings / busy roads / footpaths / shops etc etc etc... What better they land on, water or one of the above??

    And if the westgate is so popular to jump off, why hasn't the bolte got the same problem?? Walls to hard to climb or something??
  14. Yes, definitely. Or something more like 'Dont be an inconsiderate asshole; kindly go kill yourself elsewhere'
  15. they should just have suicide booths like in futurama
  16. Hehehe.

    "Clumsy bludgeoning please!"
  17. soon you will a permit to buy rope from bunning :roll:
  18. I like what Billy Connolly had to say about jumpers.

    "If you're thinking of killing yourself, by throwing yourself off a bridge, try bungee jumping first. See how you like it. If you still want to kill yourself you can always go home and stick your head in an oven."

  19. From what I've heard, the WG is particularly effective due to its height and the muddy waters of the Yarra. Jump off, you will sink and then normally not float to the surface for some time. Even if you have 2nd thoughts and think you'll somehow survive the drop, you'll never be able to swim to the side.

    Horrible way to go.