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Oh Dear

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by PatB, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Just saw this. I don't think there's much I can add.

  2. I agree...Oh Dear! What a F***** RETARD!
  3. I saw a similar thing but smaller, a guy driving with his sat nav right in front of his face on the windscreen like it was a view finder? Muppets, they're everywhere.
  4. Uh, sorry officer it's a GPS. I thought we're allowed to have them mounted to the screen.

    Much smarter to have a tablet computer mounted a little lower filled with movies.
  5. I would have thought it was much smarter to actually concentrate on the road?

    How and when did it become acceptable to do anything other than drive when sitting in your vehicle?
  6. Smarter is relative. Big flat screen mounted like that, much smarter is still stupid.
  7. Bloody ****wit. I wonder if he will actually get punished or just a slap on the wrist...
    "But I wasn't speeding your honour!"
  8. Bit like the Grendas bus driver I saw, driving up Frawley Rd Eumemmerring reading a book. Traffic was congested, but still...
  9. For the life of me, I havent seen a 32-centimetre mobile phone.........
  10. I think throwing every charge that might stick is justified in this case... and it was hooked up to a portable DVD player...
  11. I read that too... what an absolute fuckwit, but still people on mobile phones,nav systems in the middle of the windscreen etc...

    i was in the car with my father today, saw 4 people on phones within 10klms.. it doesn't surprise me anymore.. but there should be tougher penalties for the morons who endanger all of our lives, who are too busy texting/talking/faffing about with phones to concentrate on the roads.
  12. Funniest one I ever saw, and this was before mobile phones, was a guy driving a ute on the Hume Highway between Mittagong and Goulburn. He was reading a p0rn mag that was resting on the steering wheel. Fortunately I couldn't see where his hands were.

    I'd been monitoring the truckie channel on a CB and heard them talking about it. I still couldn't believe it when I saw it myself.
  13. Meh. Good mate of mine was driving to uni while watching the premier league on his phone mounted on the dash. He got a whole game in while on the m5 east though. So it was slightly exceptional.
  14. I would not be the slightest bit surprised if he was using a phone in addition to the TV.
  15. Fair suck of the sauce bottle lads, when else is he going to get time to watch p0rn? :)

    Almost as bad are the f*ckwits who mount their GPS's slightly under the rearview mirror blocking a big f*cking chunk of vision.
  16. I didn't see it there!
    It's a four ton truck Tyrone, not exactly a packet of f**king peanuts is it?
    It was at a funny angle.
  17. It's behind you, Tyrone. Whenever you reverse, things come from behind you!