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Oh dear god that was close!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ngalbrai, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. Not to an off, damage to pride rather than anything else.

    Just had bike serviced and GPS fitted. Went to start it up, lights on, makes all the right noises but when I press the starter, nothing. Hmm, odd, try again. Nothing. What the…?

    Start to get cross thinking that during installation of GPS power lead something done wrong.

    Get all wound up ready to go storming back into shop.

    See the familiar red of the engine cut off switch, that, thanks to advice on couple courses I have been on I never use – it was off. Felt like a bit of a tool, but was glad I hadn’t gone storming back into the shop – thought I would share my shame on here.
  2. Ha! Lucky save that one!
    I've been in those sort of situations, you end up feeling a right tool at the end :)
  3. Oops, just realised there is a rookie errors thread in the newbies section. Also a very similar story from Raven added today. I don't feel alone now...
  4. Even though I don't use them myself either, when you've got 'friends' that flick your switch just as the light turns green, to get a good head start, it sort of stays front of mind anyway. LOL
  5. While waiting at the lights once, I reached across, grabbed my mate's keys, and threw them onto the nature strip just before the light went green. Needless to say, I had to pull over and wait for him up the road. :rofl:
  6. Now, if you managed to get his steering lock on too, *that* would be funny.
  7. Great idea Ned. Sweet revenge is coming my way. (Will try to swing the handlebar around for the steering lock too Fybre!) :)
  8. i've heard of people leaning out and kicking a gear lever in the past....

    I'd kill you for that.(metaphorically ofc)
  9. Did similar very first time I took my very first bike as a very first rider for a service...
    Only difference, I got the service guy to come out to have a look...
    He came out and clearly explained how to push the kill switch the correct way with your right thumb.......8-[8-[

  10. its worse when your demonstrating to a non biker how easy it is to ride etc etc, go to hit the ignition... nothing... what the? after 5 minutes of telling them something is wrong with the bike you realise the switch is off. Funny as to watch though.