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Oh dear god, I had quite the interaction with a VicPol officer tonight.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by grue, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. Cruising around bored out of my mind, I was sauntering down Lonsdale St when the spidey sense tingled, and looked to see the police cruiser to my right started coming over into my space. I grabbed (and stepped on) some brake, and dropped behind him. It wasn't so close that I truly felt in danger, but it was close enough to aggravate me.

    So as we come up to the light, I popped over into the lane he'd just left and we were next to each other. He glanced over and I gestured that he should roll down his window. He said to me "Is there a problem?", and I said (calmly!) "To be honest, your driving. Your lane change back there would have turned me into pate if I hadn't hit the brakes. Please signal and look, for the sake of other road users"

    Then came the fun…

    … He said "That's fair enough, I guess I deserved that". =D> That's right, ladies and gents: I, cynic extraordinaire, had a positive experience with the police (albeit stemming from a somewhat negative one). :-s
  2. Good on ya for pointing that out.....But lucky he wasn't a prick.


  3. Yeah, when I said it my brain goes "DUMBASS. You're gonna get tazed, hahaha"

    Fortunately he played nice!
  4. I think its the attitude that you give them that gets you in trouble. If you're nice and respectful, they will be nice back, however if you are a **** then they will be pricks!

    Eg, When i was on my red Ps delivering pizzas in my car, i used to get RBTs weekly, by the same cop, in about the same spot. (not very random though). One day i was in a hurry, and got caught at about 30 over the limit, and the same cop said, "I'll let you off with a warning if you pass this breath test"
    I'd always been nice to the cop, and was let off this time!

    My mates however, can be pricks too...and half of them lost their licences while on their Ps.
  5. They are just people doing a job like you and me, we all react badly to
    bad customers.

    Be nice guys, many of them hold the same opinions as us about
    speed limits etc. but they have ta job to do.
  6. Ten out of ten Grue. For having the guts to confront him about it, and also for doing it assertively and, as the guy pointed out, fairly.

    Here, have another clap =D>
  7. I was out riding on Sunday with 3 others, including 2 L platers, and we were stopped by a Police Solo for a license and rego check. He was part of the 'hearts and minds' team that our [VIC] TAC levy is funding. He was great. Had a good long chat with us, admired out bikes, congratulated us on wearing good gear, and told us how much he loves riding and all about his VFR that he rides off duty.

    They have a quota of 20 riders per day that they are supposed to stop and talk to, with the license and rego check being the catalyst. They also have leaflets that they hand out to car drivers as well as bike riders. One one side is a list of tips for drivers about how to watch out for bikes, and on the other side is a similar list of tips for riders about keeping safe in the traffic.

    I've seen people complain about being stopped at random for license and rego checks, but considering that before this initiative was brought in their quota was X number of motorbikes booked rather than just contacted, I think it is a definite improvement. Apparently they also book car drivers when they see them change lanes without checking for a bike, or driving on the phone, or tailgating a bike - any of the things that we have a whinge about on here.

    All up, I'd say it was a very positive encounter.
  8. Funny people talking about attitude.

    I've got a mate who seems to get tickets, canarys, all that stuff around every three months. He's lost his licence a couple of times now for points accumulation. Could never figure out why he copped so much crap seeing as though he lived in the same area as me.

    One day I was sitting in the passengers seat of the car and we got pulled over. He winds the window down as the cop strolls up and says "What the **** do you want?"

    Ah, that's why he keeps losing his licence.
  9. I've had a nice one before, too - solo RBT setup near my place, I pull up to be breathalysed and say "You really need more than one of you, the two cars in front of me just hung u-turns". He smiled and said "Who says it's just me?".

    Made me pretty happy that he was a friendly guy, dunno where the other cops he mentioned were though (I always scout where he was very carefully because it's the only speed camera strip in my town). I even tested them out by doing my own u-turn a little later, didn't get a second look.
  10. I thought fascist enforcer was a lifestyle not a job
  11. haha nice one

    if that was in NSW his opening comment would be "step off the bike sir" followed by RBT, licence and defect check
  12. who the **** uses the word 'pate'? That's twice now in 10 minutes (GD thread)
  13. I had a police office a couple days ago pull in to a servo where I had just met up with my mate to go for a Wildwood Road spin.

    He filled up petrol, paid, on his way out came over to chat to us. Said it was a nice day for a ride, he was jealous he wasn't out riding, said to enjoy ourselves and that was it. Nice bloke.
  14. Ten years ago in Victoria, his opening comment would have been BANG!*

    *small calibre gunfire