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Oh Bugger!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by zzr_chick, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. Oh bugger!!! i have just come home from failing my P's test :oops: . Beauty of it is, i still have 2 months on L's and it was cheaper than going to a riding course :grin: . anyone got any tips for the tight right u turn? i felt like my zzr just couldnt get around it!! would anyone recommend hiring a bike with a better turning circle? any help would be appreciated!!!

    cat :grin:

  2. Just look further than you need to and do not look at ground! Practice in a empty car park / industrial place to perfect it. Give it some revs, work the clutch to slow/speed and back brake to help slow you down if you need it, don't use front brake.

    That is unless the ZZR literally can't turn in it??? Then get a loan of a vtr250 or something :grin:
  3. Hi there ZZR chick... I too have a ZZR and I didn't use it for the P's test here in SA. I'm not sure how tight the U-Turn test is for you guys, but for us there's no way that my bike could make it through it - even walking it through. So on the day I used one of their loan bikes... lucky for us we don't have to pay any extra. :)

    Good luck for your next go.
  4. Agree with undii's post,

    Feather the clutch & throttle & look ahead a bit.
    Use the back brake- put some tape or chalk on the ground & practice, & get a mate to spot you to see if you go over the line.
    Practice, practice, practice! :wink:
  5. ^^ wot she said, some bikes just don't like low speed manoeuvering......
  6. Hi, bad luck about the test. I did mine not long ago and I was so nervous...
    The zzr can do the U-turn, the trick is having the clutch at friction point, the revs at a fast idle, and using the rear brake to control your speed. Once you're set up like that, push the steering to full lock, lean the bike right into the turn, and use your body as a counterweight by leaning to the outside of the turn. As the bike leans in to the turn, you get more onto the edge of the tyres (smaller radius), and you can turn tighter. The faster you go, the more you can lean the bike in, and the tighter the turn will be.
    I spent some time doing laps of the parking lots near my place, it's a good place to practice. You should be able to fairly easily get to the stage where you can ride circles in either direction at full lock in either direction. Then all you have to do is do it again under pressure in the test! :wink: :roll:
  7. thanks for replies. undii, i think i will keep the zzr thanks!! i appreciate your help

    hi trisha14, i think i will hire a bike for next time. it will make it much easier doing the u turn and cone weave! i think you had the right idea!
  8. i did have the clutch at friction point and i was using the rear brake like rb said, but my problem was almost coming out of the u turn i was leaning to far in (well it felt like it anyway) and then packed it, looked down at the ground, put my foot down, and went over the line, all in one swift movement!

    oh well, practice, practice, practice!!!
  9. I think using someone else's bike/loan bike is definitely the way to go. That way you have a bike that is:

    1. Easier to do the tight manoeuvres in
    2. You can rev the bejesus out of it and not worry
    3. You don't have to worry about dropping it.

    Just makes the whole thing a lot less nervy in my opinion. :grin:
  10. yeah you got that right!! i know that it is "possible" to do the tight manouvers on the zzr, but after today, watching everyone breeze through it on their dirt bikes and cb250's (one bloke had a ns150 ), i know its a $hitload easier on one of those. and before anyone says anything, i know that its not just the bike!!i blitzed the road ride, as i do it everyday, but i need a lot more confidence at that slow speed stuff. emergency braking is the easiest thing to do on my bike.

    cheers netriders
  11. I would try first what rb said before really deciding to hire another bike for the test.
  12. B A
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    ------------ <<<< U turn box

    Best tip i got was, when you enter the U turn box along line A .......once you start your turn ,you should be looking at where the A is ,NOT the exit where the B is on the example ,and "throw" your head over your shoulder NOT just turn your head.
    If your not going to make it put your foot down 1 point ,hit the line and it's 5 points.
  13. zzr 250 is the u-turn king :)

    put it in *second* gear, low rpm, no clutch, no rear brake... then crank it over, keeping ur eyes level with the horizon and looking as far behind you as you can... if you get the "falling" feeling, accelerate more :)
  14. Ok I did mine about 6 months ago on a gpx and its pretty much the same bike as ya zzr. The turning circle is 6.1 metres for the test.

    What I did was found a nice quiet back road took a tape measure and some white spray paint.
    Measure it out, mark it and practice practice practice.
    All the above advice it good advice.

    Even on the day I was still struggling a little bit UNTIL
    the instructor noticed and gave me advice which I'm sure got me through. He told me to when turning right in a u-turn to push my left knee forward a little to assist in balancing the bike. It worked and I passed.

    I also did it at adamstown where you will be doing it, so Im guessing that it will be a right hander the same as when I did it.

    Mind you I did touch the line and picked up 5 points but he said I was through but looked down at the line just as I was passing it. Touched it but didn't cross it.

    He said if I hadn't looked I was through piece of piss.

    Anyway good luck.

    Since I'm also in Newy I think the lines I marked are still here in Mayfield.

    Additionally if you're looking for a group to ride with give me a shout and I'll keep you posted. Most of the time it's posted on here anyway.

    Else if your doing the Beach cruise in newy and spot a goose with a Green Kawasaki ZX6R parked along the tugs pull over and say G'day.

    You will often find a few of us parked along there on weekends. I don't know everyone but new people pull up all the time for a chat. The more the merrier.

    All the best Brett
  15. O.K, well, first up, you wil only have to resit the actual obstacle course part of the test, not the whole day. They should have told you that at Adamstown?
    Secondly, the U turn is pretty big, I could get the GTR around there now I have owned it for a bit.
    I almost failed the U turn too, I looked right at the line coming out of the box, and target fixated! I actualy did run along the line, but passed.
    With the sports bikes, I think you'll have to practice coming in with a little speed and feding in revs as you get to teh 90 degree point of the u turn, this will make youmore stable than trying to creep the bike through at very slow speeds. I did this on the Z, becuase the engine was a cranky bugger when it had to do lots of slow speed stuff, and I didn't want to risk a stall. The small, light bikes don't have the momentup of heavier bikes, so you need to carry some speed to keep things smoooth in my opinion.
    What I did to get my low speed bike handling a LOT better was to go to a carpark and just do circles, round and round. You'll get to a point after about a half hour, that you can go round on full lock, and use either your body weight, or handlebar inputs to stay balanced. Then you can play around with speeding up and slowing down in the circles. Try changing where you sit on the bike for low speed riding too, I like to sit right up as close to teh tank as I can, to get upright and have more leverage over the bike with leaning, and more control of the handlebars, due to arms being more vertical(don't have to pul arms as far to go to lock).
    Alternate directions every minute please, or you WILL get dizzy!
    Once you have the circles down pat, turn them into figure 8's, this really sharpens up your low speed transitioning from a straight line into tight corners, and is great for carparks, and wil help on teh cone weave.
    When you think about it, the whole skills test is slow speed cornering..

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. thanks for your help everyone. i will practice a lot more this time. still deciding wether to hire a bike or not.

    thanks typhoon- they did tell me it was only the actual test the second time round (and third and fourth...)!!!