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Oh bloody hell it's yet another potential motorcyclist

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by stivor, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. Yes, 'tis I.

  2. Welcome.
    Give us a bit of a rant about yourself, or something.
  3. Not much to say yet; I don't even have my L permit yet, but I'm booked in for it.
    I had a quick zoom on Zenali's bike today and it was fun - so consider me hooked.

    Apart from that I am into rock music, boats and I have a "farm" with an old Fergie tractor.

    - stivor
  4. "Not the Fergie??" :LOL:

    Welcome :).
  5. stavvrrroooooooo
  6. Flapping L' platers....... wait a minute.... :p

    Welcome fellow (soon to be) noob!!
  7. Welcome
    to the rock
  8. me 'ol man has a 1700cc ford diesel tractor 'dats about 30 years old or some 'ting, up near zenali's way, race ya...! ye loser gits to plow the winner's field...!

    Hick! more moon shine thanks, hick! :beer:

  9. My tractor's closer to 60 years old... so you'd probably win that race. :cool:

  10. G'luck with your permit tests

    Dont' stack it!
  11. Welcome Stivor and best of luck with your L's mate.
  12. Yeah - don't stack it!
  13. Hi and welcome to NR.

    Good luck with the L's
  14. Got my Ls last night in the rain.
    I also purchased a Zeus 2100b helmet, which I quite like!

    Next thing to look for is a dual-purpose (mainly road) bike to learn on! ... and some gear.

  15. Welcome to the NUTHOUSE!
    Good luck with the L's
  16. I pick up my new (and first) bike tomorrow - a new Suzuki DR650SE.

  17. Congrats stivor
    Hope to see some shiny new pics up on the forum when you bring 'er home(y)
  18. It won't be shiny for long - not once the rains hit the paddocks...
  19. Dirt roads, grass, weeds, long weekend... yep, I'd better take some photos before too long!

  20. OK, here is one pic of me on my new machine before it got dirty...


    ...and after ...