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Ogling other bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, May 17, 2012.

  1. is there a certain bike that you just cant take your eyes off everytime one goes past? for me its the note that initially attracts me, then once i see the bike i watch it (NOT while riding!!!) until i cant see it anymore.

    best sounding bikes, that does the trick every time for me.

    most ducati's
    Harley VRod (something about this liquid cooled motor....)
  2. Ducati streetfighter, diavel & the new yamaha VMAX's. mmm
  3. Striples.. More so the round headlight ones :D

    only 3 more years :(
  4. Honda Valkyrie


    I think I need a sigarette after just looking at it
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  5. triumph thruxton and thunderbird.

    BMW GS1200 and other similar bikes. just interesting to see what other riders take on a long trip.
  6. The cafe racer'd Guzzi with the polished chrome tank that went past me this morning, definitely.
  7. Ducati Street Fighter
    KTM Superduke R
    BMW S1000RR
    Yamaha R1
    CBR250R/R mc19 mc22 (Cause it my bike and i like to look at others and compare)
  8. This -

    And I hope you are keeping it a secret from your current bike.....

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  9. Ducati Diavel
    Ducati Street Fighter
    Ducati Monster
    Ducati 848 Evo
    BMW S1000RR
    Yamaha R1 (the Black ones look awesome)
    Yamaha XJR 1300
    MV Agusta Brutale
    MV Agusta F4
    Moto Guzzi V7 Classic
    Moto Guzzi Breva 1200
    Triumphs & Certain Harley's.

    ...I think I like all bikes. :)
  10. You are a bike tart LL
  11. We have an existing thread for this here =]
  12. :p You say it like it's a bad thing.
  13. It is a wonderful thing....... I think I am turning into a glove s*lt

  14. sorry....it is very similar.
  15. :D I've got about 5 now.
  16. a beauty triumph street triple i see a few times a week at Monash Clayton, viper green colour, clip on bars and a much cleaner more aggressive look than stock.
    Wish the owner would park it outside for once, the damn carpark is too dark to drool over in!!!!
  17. It's usually a particular bike in a colour scheme that just works. These are a few things that make me take notice.

    A Duke 748 in the factory yellow with no aftermarket carbon fibre and annodised bits.
    A current model Yammie R1 in that awesome red and white limited edition scheme.
    A 2004ish GSXR in the blue and white. I think it's a k5, it's got a dominant navy blue thing happening.
    Any Ducati Monster with a proper looking fuel tank, before they had the air intakes. Preferably in red with a white stripe with a very mimal bikini fairing on the headlight.
    Triumph Striple in black. With the round headlights and colour matched screen.
    Older Honda VTR250s, looks best in matte black. I know it's only a 250 but that is one sexy looking bike, I honestly think Honda executed the look better than the Duke it's imitating. It's a shame they didn't continue the theme in a midsize V Twin.
    MV Augusta Brutale. In the Red and white with the bronzey coloured trellis frame. The first time I saw one was late at night on York St in Sydney, and it was the only thing parked on the block. Standing under the streetlight it looked so sure of itself, with it's short wheelbase, over and under pipes and big purposeful looking motor. It had the body language of a pimp claiming his piece of the street. Howyoudoin? Fughetaboudit. Fuck I want to ride one.
    Moto Guzzi Belagio. In matte black. Ok so it's technically a cruiser and the instruments look tacky on closer inspection, but the combination of a tank that looks like a bomb and the Vtwin cylinder heads sticking out like an aircraft engine pushes all my buttons.
  18. any inline 4' litre' bike.
    extra points for any r1.:biker:
  19. I love to look at the types of bikes that are used for long distance riding. Where I live, the stop at the local servo with their gear, and inevitably a conversation ensues. I have seen many BMW's, a few Goldwings, and recently a few Harleys. Rocket III's, cruisers of all sorts, and the odd sport bike also go for the 'loop' around Australia.

    Some of my interest is because I am planning a few longer rides myself over the next few years. But a lot of my interest is just plain jealousy.

    A well set up BMW GS is the one I look at the most...
  20. nicely re-done and tidy original cafe racers. I have zero interest in owning a "vintage" motorbike, especially while the prices are so inflated, but goddamn, every time some james dean wannabe cruises past I can't help turn my head.