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Ogling Ducati Monster 659...Yes or No?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mcsenna, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Here's the thing...been on the L plates for about 2 months after a long absence, about to go and get rid of them which still leaves 12 months on the Lams system. I bought a GPX250 to practice on and it is doing the job....but it just isn't enough.
    Now I'm an old geezer and don't have the luxury of years up my sleeve to bugger around so I have decided to up the ante. There are plenty of offerings but the bike I like is the Ducati Monster 659 ABS.
    Don't bother telling me it's expensive, I know that, what I'm looking for is experienced comment on this bike from anyone who wants and can be bothered putting their views forward, good or bad.

  2. They're expensive,so what will you get?
    Commodore,Falcon or tow ball.
  3. C'mon Blab you can do better than that.
  4. 659 is a good thing,can she touch the ground when astride ?
  5. Only when dismounting
  6. Thats ok then-perfect bike for a girl
  7. On a more serious note - Just go for it.

    It's a good bike. Looks good and sounds even better.

    Life is too short. NIKE! :D
  8. If you can aford the entry price its a good bike, one of my friends has one and seems quick, reliable. Even though its a Duc, its probably going to be as reliable as a Jap which are built down to a price more.

    Is it worth twice the price? Only you can say.
  9. I'm surprised you haven't something a bit more interesting to contribute Blab, I got the impression this was a subject you knew something about.
  10. Unfortunately for my wallet my decisions when it comes to toys are emotional not financial, thanks for the comments.
  11. I agree completely, too short...not complaining mind you, still here.
  12. The M659 came out just 2 months after I'd got mine otherwise I might have got this one. :)
  13. I can't comment on the 659 specifically, but I can comment based on my LAMs Monster 620 which I rode for the time I was on my restricted license.

    They're an awesome bike, and feel better to ride than anything Japanese I've ridden (that's not a big list mind you), plenty of grunt, very forgiving... and the sound is spectacular!

    If you're after quick though, there are quicker LAMs bikes out there, CB400's for example... but it's not a Ducati.

    People will go on about how unreliable Duc's are, but when it comes to the modern ones, that's bollocks. Mine never skipped a beat in the 20,000 km's I rode it, started first time every time, and still does even though it's been sitting unridden for around 4 months.

    The only down side is cost, Ducati dealer servicing is beyond expensive, and the parts aren't particularly cheap either. On the plus side though, the service intervals are twice as long as Japanese bikes. ;)

    If I were in your position, I'd buy it. :D
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  14. If life is so short,why gin around talking shit.
    Get a 4 valve Monster and some balls.
    You could keel over at any time-might as well go out with respect.
  15. Seeing you put it so delicately, which LAMS approved 4 valve Monster are you alluding to?
  16. Thanks Dionikon, I intend to do just that...buy it.
  17. SR4S,998 motor.
    Blab approved.
    Do it you old geezer.
  18. do you have to display p plates if your over 25 in adelaide? just thinkin [not condoning] that if you don't mind living on the edge, you could just get a monster 1100, not display plates and ride off merry and police be none the wiser.

    back to reality though, I love the styling of the duc monsters.
    although i have a soft spot for the sport classic and would buy one in a heart beat if I had the funds :)
    get a monster, you won't be happy till you do!
  19. Monster is good
  20. Good lams bike, comfortable, decent grunt off the line and makes a good noise. The v-twin top end disappointment is only magnified in the restricted version but if you go the money you could do a lot worse.

    It looks and feels like a big bike but just runs out of puff pretty quickly.