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Ogle as much as you can

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by brett5141, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. Just found this on another forum, i think its pretty funny, apologies if its been posted before.

  2. lol, best i can do so far is 11 seconds
  3. Ha, ur crap hunny, i can manage 37 seconds :LOL:
  4. :shock:
  5. yeh, i bet she is lieing.
    but then girls know how long they can get away with perving.
    Don't they?????
  6. just stare falt out until she starts to turn then flick the mouse back again when she looks away... easy

    and its beenaraound for a while...but woth a second go

    25 seconds
  7. yyyyayyyy

  8. how are u guys timing it ? how many seconds left ?

    i got my ogle meter up almost to the end with 3 seconds left on the clock got busted trying to do a full lean adn look in the dying seconds to finish my ogle metere off