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  1. I'm thinking about buying a OGK FF4 helmet

    Here's a review:

    Does anyone have any comments?

  2. i love em... i was choosing between that and an arai for my lid... ended up with the arai purely cause ogk were still pretty new here in qld... but heard nothing but good since... fit my head perfectly and will be gettin one whne upgrade form this one :D
  3. how much?
  4. The look silly hahahehe :p You fixed your bike yet to warrant a new lid sir? :)
  5. They RRP for around $570, but I've just bought a K3 GSXR (from a bike shop) and I reckon I'm entitled to a discount :grin:

    And sketchie: Now I have a GSXR 1000, I need a rear spoiler on my helmet to keep the front wheel down. :p
  6. I tried on the ff4 and aeroblade at the bike expo, the ff4 was a much tighter fit and had a slightly different lining. It was also narrower. I spoke to one of the reps on the phone and asked about the weight - I believe they are heavier here than the light weight posted on the wbw review due to aussie helmet standards. You can get them at sumoto but I have not been there to check them out yet...