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Ogk Aeroblade 2

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mick No:8, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. Just brought a soild colour OGK Aeroblade 2 for $260(Aus). I had an old Shark RSFi which I lent it to my cousin so he could take his girlfriend for a ride. Long story short she dropped it some how, I told him not to worry about it. He would not have it and want to buy me a new lid :grin: :grin: . I didn't want to sent him broke so I decided to buy something mide range. I went looking and could not find what I wanted until I saw OGK and checked out the closeout range which was the Aeroblade 2 and FF4. I feel in love with the Aeroblade 2 right away. I will review it in the coming day as I will test rided it to night. :grin:

  2. I bought the same helmet, metallic gunmetal, and I can't wait to get rid of it. Broke my KBC Assassin and bought the OGK as a replacement. I found the KBC to be a lot easier to live with. Comfy interior but the chin strap cuts in i fanywhere near snug (may be my over large melon). The OGK also has questionable build quality. Nothing seems to fit right on the helmet. And the road noise from the side pods, ohh the noise. Hopefully for your sake my helmet was from a bad batch or you may have wasted your cousins money.
  3. 1. The vent seems to work a treat. Just shave my head, so I can feel the wind coming thought the vent.
    2. The made on my one seem better then my KBC visior, the wing at the back and the top side vent. I brought a soild black one so tend to leave prints.
    3. I notice that I don't really have to turn that much compare to my KBC for head check. Once the visior is full open, it clears your line of vision not like the KBC.
    4. Like most helmet with the top vents (KBC VR-2, Agv stealth etc..) you are going to get noise as high speed unlike the KBC, I can chose which one to open and which one to close. unlike the KBC the noise only seems to be at the top of the helmet and not alround. Not much of a problem when wearing ear-plug.
    After living two days with it I've really like this helmet, fit and feel. I would not compare it to the top of the range Arai/ shoei. But this helmet only cost me $260 (AUS), even cheapper than my VR-2.
  4. I will admit that the vision out of the OGK is better than the KBC (wouldn't buy another KBC either). My biggest complaint is the fit and finish on it. After long rides I have to press the side pods back on as they always seem to work loose. Pick up the helmet and look at it head on. My visor is 5mm below the right hand vent and level with the left hand vent. The forehead vents are a biatch to operate with gloves on.

    For the price they probably aren't too bad but after seeing the quality of the other Japanese helmets I was expecting better. I am a fussy bugger though so even little things piss me off. I am waiting on a Vemar helmet at the moment and when it arrives I will probably pick the shit out of it. I will most likely find something to make me hate it too.

    Only important thing is: if you like it and it fits, who cares what I think. :shock:

    This covers the whole of our lifestyle. You buy the bike, jacket, gloves, etc. that you want to buy. Everyones different. Everone has different tastes. If everyone listened to me Kawasaki, BMW, Arai and a couple of other companies would go out of business.

    Enjoy the helmet. :)
  5. What about the FF4? I'm interested in them.
  6. I have readed many good things about the FF4 and a good review from www.webbikeworld.com . They seem to love the FF3 and 4 alot, also the new one is out and it looks awsome. I guess the only thing about this is that not everyones the same while some may then some other that nay. Find one that you like fit/look etc.. Unless you go and spend about $700-1100 for a race helmet.
  7. yeah i got an aeroblade and im happy with it..

    comfy and cant really complain.