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Ogio No Drag vs Kriega R25 Backpacks

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ttandrew, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. First up hi all, been regular reader but never posted before, looking for opinions on the Ogio No Drag vs Kriega R25, not sure at the moment what one to go for, havent seen or tried any on yet. Had a quick search and Kriega seems highly recommended but not sure on sizes.

    Need new bag as my current one struggles to get shoes, jeans, shirt i.e. change of clothes in it, and means I cant waterproofs at same time. Anyone got either of these backpack, could you get a day or twos change of clothes in them (i.e. shoes, pair of jeans, couple of shirts or tshirts)?

    Will also use the backpack for communiting daily (so dont really want it too big) but also need it for day or two trips away.

    Also open to any other back suggestions.
  2. Hi,

    I just use a normal backpack for daily commutes and I have a rack on the bike which I only put on if I need it (as in day or two trips).

    I also have a camelback/hydrapack for the long trips, doesn't hold much in it but keeps me hydrated while the rack carries everything else.
  3. Any particular reason it has to be a backpack, rather than say a tank or tail bag that can be used as a backpack off the bike (but which doesn't restrict your movements when riding)?
  4. davidp1984, yeh I just use a normal backback at the moment, not sure of the capacity, but when it rains, which in Melbourne is a lot :D it gets soaked through.

    jd, I was looking at tank bags but never ridden with one and also heard that they eventually start scratching the tank, which put me off. Not sure what it be like riding with tank bag, looks to me like it would get in the way (riding a 08 R6) but I may be wrong. Also front half of tank is plastic on the R6 so that might rule out magnetic tank bags.
  5. It doesn't happen to me *shrugs shoulders*, maybe check out a camping store.

    P.s. I dont know if there is any real reason why a bike specific backpack has benefits over a normal backpack or not. Re. safety, features, comfort etc.
  6. I've got the R25 and it can fit my laptop (13" mac book), towel, wet weather pants, t-shirt, jocks, shorts, socks and a pair of runners with some room to spare.

    The harness systems is the main difference between it and a regual back pack as you don't have all the weight resting on your shoulders.

    I've taken it full of gear on weekend rides and you almost forget it's there.
  7. Might have more luck with a tail bag then, something along the lines of:


    Only downside to them is it can make getting your leg over the bike a bit more difficult, but once you're riding you usually don't notice that they're there.
  8. I have both, the Kriega is a far better item. Probably doesnt look as cool but you can fit more in and its a lot more comfortable on the bike

    You'll struggle to fit shoes in the Ogio cause of the stiff construction.
  9. https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=116242

    I've had the Ogio No Drag backpack since October last year, it's a great bag, use it on my commute on weekdays, no noticable wear & tear, everything still in working condition ie no zippers lost, handle coming undone or rips to the inside lining. I usually take my overlay wet weather pants rolled up in a plastic bag, a pair of standard leather work shoes, work pants/shirt, lunch and it has a little room left so I think you could get a couple of days of clothes in fairly easy (folded up shirts in the two book sections will stop it from crushing too much.

    I think mine was a good buy, I don't think it's too big (I'm about 6'1 so that helps) and it's nice and waterproof too, I didn't see it mentioned on the Ogio website but I haven't had my clothes get wet in the rain.

    I've haven't used the R25 so I can't really compare.
  10. I've got the Ogio no drag back pack.
    Would struggle to fit gear and shoes. I leave work and gym shoes at work. A change of clothes and a towel would be no problem though with a note book too.
  11. I've also got an Ogio No Drag back pack.

    I've had it for about a year and it's an ok bag. I have found that the plastic slide buckles tend to slip and need to be readjusted every now and again.

    As has been already said, it's also waterproof (though not stated on the website).

    However, I think it's very bulky for what you can actually fit in it. I've a 3L lunch bag (insulated type) and that almost fills the inside, leaving little room for my wet weather gear. The helmet holder is handy, but not an essential piece of kit IMO.

    I've very tempted to get a Kriega R25, though, maybe even the R20. Though I've heard it's 'all or nothing' when it comes to wearing the backpack. If you're off your bike, the bag (apparently) doesn't sit well on one shoulder, or even over both, unless you do up the clips.
  12. I suppose you can put a pair of shoes where you would put the helmet hood.
  13. I think I am swaying towards the R25 however the problem is see with it is that when commuting it can get a hot so I like to have the zip on my leather jack down abit so that I get some airflow around body\chest, with the R25's quadloc harness its looks like this might no be possible as it woud be tight against your chest, anyone using the R25 have any issues with this ?
  14. I unzip mine whilst on the move or at the lights. It can be a little fiddly at first but once you get used to it you'll be fine
  15. Its not as good as a standard backpack strap over one shoulder thats for sure, however its nowhere near as bad as some people make out!

    That little issue is well worth it though, as the strap system is that good theres really no pull on your shoulders when riding. Its be the only backpack id be happy with taking away for a decent long ride really.

    The Ogio No Drag hasnt moved from the back of the cupboard since i got the Kriega.
  16. i have the kriega 15, love it, awesome, totally.
    probably enough for op's stated needs.
  17. you would'nt get most laptops in the kriega 15 though btw, they're narrower
    but shoes, change of clothes no drama. i actually can get a small tent in mine, very small hiking tent though, tiny
  18. I have the Kriega 35 and it's an awesome bag. They way the harness system is setup I can be carrying quite a bit of weight and not feel it across my shoulders. Heaps of small pockets to stash stuff in and I can jam my leather jacket and other stuff in theer if I get too hot whilst riding. 10 year warranty on the bag is pretty sweet too. I commute with mine on and it's a great size and don't have any problems with it. If I want to make it smaller I just tighten the straps up on the bag and it reduces the bulk.
  19. I also have an Ogio, I did use mine with a 17" lappy and work pants, shirt, and dress boots, it all did fit.
    Ogio bags have little pockets in the side walls for shoes, and everything just fitted around those. The lappy pocket did only just fit a 17" lappy in it.