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Oggyknobs - What the??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by randy_rider, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. What are Oggyknobs??

  2. aka frame sliders - they protect (to a degree) the frame, engine and fairings from damage in crashes.

    basically they stick out from the frame a few inches so they contact the ground first in a fall, can save thousands in some crashes (esp driveway drops)
  3. Ask Matt232, he is a resident crash expert.... Hw not only uses oggy knobbs, but also likes to test them out....
  4. hey matt, thats a nice bike! :D :D :D :D \:D/
  5. Matt, Matt, Matt.

    Show them how it looks AFTER the accident :LOL: :cry: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. If anyone is REALLY interested you can have a chat to Liam at Promoto in Richmond, they are the guys they make them while Kenma distributes them to Retail outlets.
  7. its worth spending the $$$$$$$$$$$ for thwm,thtey look like skate board wheels
  8. Oggy Nobs are the long cylindrical chunks of plastic that are bolted onto the engine/frame to stop the bike being damaged when/if it falls over.
    try this link:


    cheers Michael
  9. Definately worth the $$$$$$$$$$$
  10. Oggy knobbs are designed to minimise the impact by absorbing the initial impact. If they are mounted correctly, they will allow the bike to "pivot" on the knobb to hopefully minimise damage to expesive components on a bike.

    It also depends on the accident. High speed, minimal saving, low speed and simple drops/falls, invaluable.
  11. nice bike matt,i hope u r feeling much better????wat speeds were u dong?????
  12. Hmm...hadn't thought about these...for some reason I thought they were a faired only deal.

    /me adds another item to list of bike expences.
  13. guess the oggy knobs didn't help in that one matt :?
  14. Don't know if any of you guys are interested, but I met up with Daniel at WSB, he had the Gixxer750 standing on it's tail near the merchandising tent. Daniel and his mates are into street stunting, and they are now making and selling crash cages, not talking those ugly great crash bars that nearly all early BMW's and Honda's had, these follow the contours of the fairings and are great for protecting those vital engine bits when you come off. Daniel said he would be glad to offer Netriders a discount. Daniels expertise is bikes not puta's so when he figures out how to take and load pictures I will post them up.
  15. They do have limits and coming off in gravel and stones reduces thier effectiveness since there is no longer a solid surface to raise the bike off.

    I think my left oggy did help alot at taking alot of the inital impact and slowing my slide down before the 10mm bolt snapped ....apparently a first according to Liam.
  16. Nope great for nudie bikes too, esp as they protect the tank