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Oggy Knobs

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Kurtis_Strange, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. Ok I've done a search and know what they are, and what they look like...saw some attached on a 750 model like mine but when I looked at my bike I couldn't see where/how they attached them?

    Do they actually modify the bike to fit them? Is it easy to take it back to stock if required, and will it affect the resale value in a negative way?

    I definately think I need them to protect my fairing as I'm pretty new to the bike :p And how much? I've read about $160?

  2. The manufacturer is in Richmond Melbourne.

    Kenma are the distributor, and you should be able to find some on hte shelf in most bike shops but not neseccarily the ones that fit your bike, with you replacing the bolts from the engine and using thiers (hence the kits being bike specific).

    The knobs generally bolt into the engine mounts, there are three ways this happens.

    1. You can be lucky and the mount points and you can get a fairly cheap kit that bolts straight in (wise to use a torque wrench to do this)

    2. Your fairings cover the mount points so you drill a hole into the fairings and use the same cheaper kit.

    3. You go around the fairs by having brackets that bolt on behind the fairings. Because of the brackets these are quite a bit more expensive and you have to be lucky for a kit to exist for your bike or you can get the manufacturer to design a set if you can leave your bike with them.

    If you check out the Kenma website above you'll see that you have to choose between option 2 and 3 for the 03 GSXR 600
  3. Looks like the bracket kit for the 03 GSXR 600 is pretty small so it might not be too expensive after all at least compared to the CBR1000RR kit
  4. Thanks for your help Matt, I've emailed them requesting a quote.

    I assume a bike shop up here in Syd could fit them no problem?