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Oggy knobs

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Guest, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    I am a new rider and ride a FZR250.

    Just wondering what everyones thoughts are on oggy knobs.

    is it worth investing in some?

    do they provide much toprotection the fearings if i drop my bike?
  2. as a new rider you're probably just around the corner from a small stack, probably a low speed screw up that doesn't smash yourself or the bike up to much (hopefully) but will do expensive nasty things to your full fairings, so i'd take the safe option and get them..

    if i turn out to be right and you do have a mini-stack in the next 6 months i will proclaim myself a seer for looking into the future and seeing what will unfold :p
  3. My first drop cost $1000, the second $500. They both happened while stationary, the only difference was the knobs.
  4. The search feature on here would have given you all the details you needed.

    They are worth it.
  5. On the topic of the search engine could someone please explain to me how exactly to use it? When i type something in the search bar it seems to just come up with all irrelevant threads...
  6. thanks everyone for the advice...i'll buy some straight away

    slyfox - i hope your wrong (fingers crossed)

    matt232: how do i use the search engine????
  7. It's based on chaos theory....
  8. Oh Good.... :D
  9. Link is at the top of this page just under the banner ad.....throw in your keyword(s) and you should find what you want....

    But you are going to have to go through the threads a bit.....the first one is rarely the one you are looking for.
  10. Just got to find the diamond in the rough

    Better keywords....more effective use of all the search features to narrow the list of hits will help as well.

    Has no one ever used one of these? I can't beleive that so many who are clueless with this invaluable feature. It exists on just about every website you come across and especially forums.

    Seriously, devote a bit of time to learning what the search page has on it and you'll save yourself huge amounts of time.

    These threads might help as well
  11. :) While he's asking guys, I had a look on one of the suppliers sites but they did not list CBR250's.... that because there's no mounting points?


  12. Yeah ive used a few on other forums and never had any issues. This one though is just really ineffective...
  13. https://netrider.net.au/forums/search.php

    Here's my tips...

    1. Mutiple keywords work best, and then drop back to a single one if you don't get what you want. When using multiple, make sure you select "Search for all terms" so that you only get matches where all your words are used in a post.
    2. Change the "Display results as:" to posts, from the default of threads. Gives you the actual posts that contain your search criteria rather than the thread where it could be in any post within.

    It's just a matter of reading whats on the search page, and using the options appropriately :)
  14. Try using the search feature to look for "oggy knob" threads in at least one of them I list the manufacturer who is located in "Richmond"....why not find that thread and give them a call?

    Think of this as a opportunity to practice this new found skill of the search engine.
  15. Like all add-on accessories, make sure you insurance company is aware and aproves of them. I have heard stories of insurance being denied with the insurance company claiming that the oggy contributed to the damage of the bike and can think of a couple of instances where that would be the case.
  16. Strange I have no trouble.....Could it be a case of a bad tradesman blaming his tools?
  17. Possibly.... :(

    just seems that whatever i search for and whatever options i use i still seem to get 99% of the return as relatively new posts/threads that dont have any connection to my search what so ever...

    Eh, doesnt really matter. It cant hurt to ask questions again anyways... Things change all the time and people may have new info and the like.
  18. On that subject, does anyone have any experience fitting them to vfr750's???

    I'd like to invest but would like to know if it's feasible and worth it.