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  1. What are your thoughts on these? Good, bad or just for losers??

  2. I'll add my bit:

    Oggies are great if your bike just falls over at stand-still (say off the stand) or at walking pace and should save your fairings (which are the most expensive things) but mirrors, indicators and bar-ends will probably still cop it.

    My bike's fallen over twice at stand-still, the first time I was ‘mushroom-less’ and it cost me about $1000, second time was ‘with knobs’ and it was more like $300.

    Obviously in a moving fall (esp. high-speed) they won’t save your bike as much damage, there’s even some rumors of them causing more damage (tumbles-r-us) but I don’t think there is much evidence to prove it.

    It also depends of how they bolt to the frame (bike specific), for example on GSXR’s they bolt directly to frame whereas on my ZX6R J1 they bolt to a bracket which then bolts to the frame (no so strong). Ideally the Oggy bolt will be strong enough to prevent damage but not stronger than what it is attached to.
  3. Get Delrin/Nylon ones rather than metal since the metal ones apparently dig in.

    Also depending upon your bike you might not have direct access to the bolt points on your bike due to fairings, in this case you have two options. Drill holes into you fairings or get a No cut braket to move the oggy into the gap in the fairing.

    I've got Raven Racing No cut oggy knobs for my CBR1000RR. And also forked out the cash to get a top quality torque wrench ($~320 + attachements + workshop manual to get torque specs) to install them. If you decide to get some oggys, have a chat to raven Racing to see if they have the not cut brakets and oggys for your bike. If your having trouble installing them I've got the full kit of tools for the job so give me a yell and I given you a hand, assuming you are somewhere close to Melbourne.
  4. Any chance you can cut & paste the article, I cannot be bothered registering.
  5. Un-f*@king-believable!!!!

    Lets see, you want me to copy and paste the text and pictures from a thread on another forum which would take a considerable amount of time and effort (not to mention duplicate storage on a netrider which is short on storage space at the moment). This requests comes after I tracked down the thread and posted the link for your benefit. So you expect me to expend additional effort and time and yet I see no give and take. Meanwhile you are unwilling to enter your name, an email address and tick an 'I Agree' box.

    How does get stuffed sound to you?

    Just in case you feel that I haven't answered your question of "Any chance you can cut & paste the article", the answer is; NO CHANCE AT ALL.

    Your choice if you want to look at it, I've done WAY more than my share. And feel free to find someone else to give you a hand to install your oggy knobs if you want them, I find that I no longer have any time for you.
  6. Geezus alll this just to say no.......take a breath Matt life's too short mate :shock:
  7. lol..was gonna post something similar. There's a lot of hate and anger in this world :oops:
  8. I tend to view them as the fluffy dice accessories for sports bikes.

    While they "may" help protect the fairing from damage from a stationary fall, with an off at any sort of speed, as Vic pointed out, they could be a liability.

  9. I agree. I suggest people just put the money towards a riding course. That way you are less likely to drop the thing in the first place. :)

  10. What sort of bike do you ride? Obviously not one with full fairings. For a couple of hundred dollars you can prevent thousands of dollars of damage or expensive insurance claims. How can fluffy dice prefent such expenditure?

    Oggy's are worth their weight in gold. Get the small ones and colour code them to your fairing and most people wont even notice them. However if you drop ur bike in ur driveway your hip pocket will love you for them. Even at speed they significantly reduce damage done to your fairings and engine sidecovers. They can be the difference between rideing your bike home or having to tow/trailer it. The story of them causing bikes to flip in unsubstaciated.
  11. A Honda CBR1000. But, I s'pose that doesn't count, huh?

    The "fluffy dice" comment was an analogy or comparison. It's my view about the worth of either product.

    Like someone else said, spend the money on a riding course.

    How do you figure that? An oggy knob is just another protusion to be snapped off, or ground into the bitumen, and possibly causing secondary damage to the frame. Most bikes that I've seen after a high speed off, would have needed oggy nobs the size of 44 gal drums to offer any sort of protection as the bike flips over, or smashes into stationary (and usually immovable) objects.
  12. They are only good for protecting a karen drop i.e in the driveway.

    At speed it matters not as they will bend the frame as the bike destroys itself.

    Want to protect your fairings?

    Buy a bloody tugboat.
  13. Oggies are great for driveway drops but also at speed.

    My experience with Oggies was a high side which protected the front of my bike really well. Ground the oggy down by 2 cm. I would have been up for thousands but instead got to only replace the bar ends, clutch lever, crank case, gear levers and foot peg, and my rear end (subframe and cowl etc.) The front fairing and lower cowling was untouched.

    Definately worth the purchase.

    I was not so lucky at Oran Park GP having a C grader freaking out on the S bends and he hit the brakes and went upright and straight ahead. He ran me into the kitty litter where the Oggies are useless as your bike sinks in to gravel. This is where oggies don't come in handy.

    I would recommend them to anyone.

    Last word of warning, insurance companies may not pay a claim if you have them on as they say they may cause the frame to bend. Tey overlook the $$$ you save for small-meduium crashes. If you do crash take them off.
  14. I was keen to give him a hand, I've got plenty of love to offer (I was out at Debs place helping clean up and I'll be there tomorrow too), that was until Bucks5 started wasting my time, particularly, simply because he was too lazy to help himself out.

    A simple no, and Bucks5 might not have realised how unreasonable he was being.

    As lodger pointed out life is too short, therefore I choose to make an attempt at educating Bucks5, and transfer a slice of my limited time in the form of an offer of help to someone who is willing to help themselves.
  15. Bugger that shit.

    I charge for my time in 30 minutes increments. :)

  16. Please accept my apologies but you could have simply said "No, don't be so lazy, it's a big post" or similar...... Given that I couldn't read the article I didn't realise that it was so BIG.

    Other forums I have used have cut & paste articles than post links to sites that require registration (Obviously this depends whether it infringes copyright or size).

    Anyway please forgive this indiscretion and thank you for your efforts.
  17. Umm, didn't work for me....
  18. Apology accepted.