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OGGY KNOBS??? Which Ones?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Dr Who, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. G'day everyone,......

    Well I have a question.
    I am looking at getting Oggy Knobs (Insert brand name here) for my CBR,.....What type would you recomend as being the best?
    I have herd that some are fixed to the frame and these types are not the best.
    I was told to look for ones that are fixed to the engine so that if the bike should fall,it would not bend the frame.

    And that dose'nt even bring me to the differance in construction.

    Dr Who?
  2. I don't know what type of CBR you have, but FYI, I've been told you can't get ANY for CBR250's (R and RR)
  3. G'day everyone......

    I have the CBR1000rr6.

    Dr Who?
  4. & NSR ones would be good :p
  5. crash knobs, frame sliders, you say...



    Oggy Knobbs

    you may want to consider the ones that mount through the frame instead of the engine.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    i'm looking at getting some for the hornet, shortly.
  6. G'day everyone,.....

    I was hopeing I would'nt have to drill holes in the fairings as thay have artwork airbrushed on them.

    Dr Who?
  7. Dr Who,

    Ive had my 06' 1000rr since the day it came out...supposedly the very first private sale in Melbourne..... :wink:

    anyway the good news is, it is an amazing peace of machinery(which u would of already found out urself)! :wink:

    the bad news is i have been searching since day one for crash protection and thier is none that do not drill into the fairing in Australia....oggys only make the non drill ones for pre 05'. Oggys told me they were experimenting making a bracket due to other designs had failed but still 8months later they are still in development as all known designs do more damage?..
    Thier is a few companies that do make the non drill in america, but their is a big debate about protection or more damage in a fall???? The ones with a bracket, (so u don't have to drill) have been known to damage ur water pipe in a fall(which means u have to drop ur motor down to get to it to fix it..big money).. etc....
    The end of the day, I have still not got them because have been told they do more damage than good....but the ones that u drill, are the only ones that will protect...but once again, on our 06' the bolt that bolts it, is right on the edge of the fairing, so it is a hard one to do...

    The way I see it is they are really only good for, garage accidents, like u accidently tip ur bike over(and thats only going to work with the drill one).... if u are doing 100ks and u drop it...the fairings is the last thing on my mind....so i decided not to get it...plus their is no good non drill ones...

    Hope this helped...
    ps I have done heaps to my baby(almost everything possible with proformance mods... except going into the motor) so if u wanted to know anything else bout the 06' pm me and ill help u as much as I can.....
  8. im pretty sure oggy has no cut frame sliders. Ill go home and check with the other halfs dad hes got a CBR1000rr.
    Nah im a big fan off oggy knobbs saves your fairings... ive dropped one at 60 and although there was sum damage alot of it was just scuff marks. I had a oops moment and no damage what so ever just a little scratch on the oggy. $100 is cheaper than a new fairing.

  9. Like i said dude, post 05' cbr1000rr they have No drill(the one with brackets).... 2006 and 2007 cbr1000rr they(oggy) only have the drill ones.. and they are the standard multi model ones... the only ones with brackets(no drill), are the ones from america, but they are the ones that in a drop, they are renown to bend your water pipe. and it cost alot in labour to access the water pipe on the 06'. So the only real option, if u are determine to have them is , to get the drill ones.... at least that way they are not prone to damage the water pipe, but then u are drilling ur fairings and on the 06' u have to drill right on the edge of the fairing. so it will not be a hole, but a semi circle. and the rest of the fairing, at that spot, will be flopping and not as sercure anymore.Also I like my fairings with out the half a circle look...weigh up the pros and cons and make ur decision, but for me, I decided not to get them, until their is a good bracket system.....
  10. Whichever ones you get, make sure you get the ones which you need to cut the fairing for, the no-cut ones are alot weaker and the bracket will bend and break your fairings.

    (that is if the mount points are underf fairings.
  11. You can get top quality stuff from http://www.rg-racing.com/

    They're in England, but have a local reseller at: www.amcmotorcycles.com

    My crash knobs mount to the frame using the engine mounting bolts. Unfrotunately for me, my Zareena has tested the crash knobs 3 times and these R&G knobs are the beez neez... and paid for themselves and then some.

    Any crash knob that has a bracket to miss fairing will all but snap off in any decent fall.

    Good luck.