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Oggy Knobs/Ozzy Knobs on a Honda CBR 125?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by zenali, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. We picked up a shiny new CBR 125 on the weekend. It is a learner bike, so I'm expecting it to get dropped at some stage, and because the bike is so slim it seems that the front indicators are what is going to catch the brunt of the tarmac action.

    Given that, my question is this: is it worth getting some Oggy Knobs (or Ozzy Knobs, which apparently are cheaper and easier to fit for the CBR 125), or are they a waste of time and money?

    Has anybody seen a set fitted to a CBR 125? It seems as though the Ozzy Knobs sit on either end of a rod that runs through a transverse cylindrical shaft mounted above the crank case. Easy to install, but I'd be a bit worried that it could screw with the crank case if the bike decided to lie down at any kind of speed.

    Thoughts, comments, suggestions, advice?
  2. Get them. Get rear swingarm pucks too if you feel generous, as well.

    It's suck a light bike, that if the knobs got snapped off, you aren't going to like the look of the rest of the bike. Most drops are low speed; this is where is will pay dividends. Bikes are harder to sell with "love taps." Fact. Total cost, between $100 and $250, depending. Potentially will save a write-off (Tank, bars, forward fairings etc.). Cons- Probably will scratch up the exhaust anyway.
  3. Even with oggy's your most likely going to need to indicators per drop.
  4. That's good to know! Obviously the idea is not to drop it, but I'm trying to be realistic here. Maybe the thing is to not worry about it and then fit new fairings if we ever decide to sell the 125.
  5. What exactly are Oggy knobs?
  6. Lachlan56: they are protective protrusions that you bolt onto your bike to save it getting too badly damaged when you drop it. There is a thread discussing the relative merits of Oggy Knobs here:


    Apparently in other countries they are called crash knobs, but here we have one brand called Oggy Knobs and another (started by the same people after the Oggy Knobs brand was bought out) called Ozzy Knobs.

    That about sums up my knowledge - hence me asking about sticking them on my bike. :)
  7. Oggy knobs are a hell of a lot cheaper than the fairings they are designed to protect. :wink:

    They protect the fairing btw. Indicators cost next to nothing so no-one cares about them but replacement fairings with paint and decals on the other hand, will cost big dolllars. :)
  8. That said...

    I'm unfamiliar with the CBR125R but they do seem exceptionally narrow (Yes, Spots, theoretically the same width as a VTR250, since that's two 125cc cylinders on the bike's centreline), and the VTR250's handlebars tend to stop the fueltank, engine and the like from being damaged in even a low-speed drop.

    Or does the CBR125R have supernarrow sportsbike-style bars, and relatively wide fairings?
  9. The handlebars are pretty narrow, but when the bike decided to lay down the other day the end of the handlebar did get a bit marked and the fairing didn't. So I guess that means that the handlebar would protect the fairing a bit... Of course the turn indicator is another matter all together. They stick out further than anything, and they don't support the weight of the bike. (As I've discovered...)
  10. I'm a big fan of oggys (and swingarm sliders). Our only drops have been low speed topple overs and they saved us heaps.
  11. My brother has the CBR125 with oggy knobs fitted, they don't require fairing drilling like the CBR250 so they're easy as apple pie to fit.
    They jut out from the fairing a fair bit so they look the part in protecting as much as possible the frame/fairings you'd wanna avoid replacing in case of a drop.

    As mentioned above swing arm spools would be a recommended item to add also but i haven't had a close enough look to see if there are spool holes so just check to see and fit some on if you're able to.

    Hope this helps some.
  12. Thanks guys - it is the low speed topples that are most likely at the moment, so some kind of protection would be good. But at $100 per fitting for an indicator I wouldn't say that they are cheap! It's only $10 for the clear lens, but if you want to replace the armature as well that is another $90 or so. (Or at least those are the prices I've been given.) Makes me scared to even ask about the fairings...