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Oggy Knobs + Minor Servicing

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Calculus, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. Hi all

    I was wondering if there are any learner legal bikes that can not be fitted with oggy knobs.

    The one I am not sure about is the Suzuki Across with the crazy fairing... the whole bike is covered in it, :p. I have never seen oggy knobs on this bike and therefore think it's because of the fairing... but prove me wrong, I have no idea!

    The other bikes I was looking at (as you may know from my other post) include the Honda Spada, GPX250, VTR250. The reason I am looking at getting an across is because of the 'handbag' as some of you guys call it. Handy for them Calculus and Physics books I suppose!

    The other thing I was going to ask about is generally what is involved in a minor service that I could learn to do myself at home on these bikes?

    Thanks in advance
  2. You'll be able to get them for a Hornet because the 600 ones will fit it (same frame) :eek:

    As for the other's you might have to use ones that are meant for a different bike :?:

    A minor service is pretty simple (even I can do it), you're talking about chaining the oil and filter + maybe air filter and plugs, checking chain tension etc. Get yourself a Haynes manual for your chosen steed and you'll be laughing :shock:
  3. The Hornet and VTR 250's have specific oggy knob kits.
  4. What about the Across?
  5. if you are willing to drill a hole in the fairing you could probably do it.
  6. talking to other people, this seems to be the best way to do it: http://tinyurl.com/dn3bk
  7. i know you can't get them on the zzr250 which is a pity
  8. Actually I'd say that having a braket to bring the oggys out into a gap in the fairings is better.....no cutting of the fairings and in an off you bend the braket rather than damaging the frame or engine mountings (from experience with my current oggys).

    Also Calculas read the posts in these threads and look into Kenma (Distributor) and Promoto (manufacturer) who might be able to help you

  9. A small backpack is even handier...

    Absomolutably everything... change oil and oil filter, clean air filter and sparkplugs, if necessary. The only thing you might need to give the bike to a mech for is a carb balance, which requires a special $120 tool (Google "Carb-Tune") which, if you're serious about this riding lark, you might as well buy; it'll last you however many bikes you end up having in your life.
  10. I have never seen Oggy Knobs on an Across.

    I have had a look at mine and can't really see where you would mount them, but I'm sure if you asked a mechanic you would get a straight answer as to whether the Across could have them.

    As for the bike, I have had mine now just over 6 months now and love it. Great bike, the storage is really handy and it is fun to ride!

  11. you can do a lot of it at home with the right tools :)

    if you're in melbourne, spanner day might be just the thing to get some info - even if you dont have a bike yet
  12. Thanks for your replies guys.

    The motorcycle school where I learnt to ride helps riders do a service on their bikes once a month for 30 bucks so I guess it can not hurt to go to a few of them.

    Thanks for that, still have to ring around and check if the oggy knobs can be fitted to the Across.

    Another problem I am having is that there are almost no bikes that seem like they are worth the money in the paper.... for example 91 Across for 3200 dollars... seems pricey! Especially when you guys over east can get something like a 96 Across for around 4000 or so!

    Gotta keep hunting...

  13. Oggies, good idea, anyne know eher to get some for my 999
  14. :roll: Don't you people ever use the search function? The info is in here look for it, I've typed it out plenty of times...no wait....its even easier than that....the info is already in this thread..... :roll:
  15. If your fear is stationary drops, the GPX has a solution: the fairing is too skinny to hit the deck if you drop it in your backyard. All it will land on is pegs and bars (and mirrors, but they bend and don't break).

    At speed though, you'll certainly scratch it a bit. Bust the indicators, most likely.
  16. Spanner day you say??? SPANNER DAY :?: :?: :?:

    All ive ever heard on this site is SPANNER DAY.

    IMHO this should be a regular event. Rebuilding bikes, servicing and general bike ownership obligations. There are SO many learners and novice riders you'd think netrider would organize some type of get together.

    Its like music.... You can never learn enough.
  17. You can do all of the above and chain and sprockets too. I've just done Madmel's SRV250, plus I pulled out the pistons from the calipers and gave them a good clean (you should have seen the sh!t caked on those things!) and then bled the line and viola, a bike that stops when you want it to.

    Special thanks to Chairman, some jobs take two people and more experience than I started out with that afternoon.

    Truly though, it's all straight forward stuff anyone willing to read a Haynes and be methodical and careful can do. You save hundreds of dollars, learn something and get real satisfaction from a job well done.
  18. Maintenance


    Where is the motorcycle school you speak of please ?

    I want to learn about bike maintenance.