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Oggy Knobs ... I thoroughly recommend them.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Opal, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. I did it again ... dropped my bike that is ...

    When I first started to ride around the local streets I made a point of stopping at every intersection I came to. This was so I would get practice at starting and stopping. However, after stalling a couple of times in front of a car, I decided at give way signs to slow down and be prepared to stop if necessary or else slowly continue around the corner. This worked out quite well, more than likely due to the fact that I never encountered another road user at the intersection ... until yesterday. Whilst I thought I was prepared to stop, I wasn’t ...

    I was turning left when a car approached from my right. Alas, I panicked a little and stupidly grabbed the front brake. I stopped alright, but unfortunately, given I was turning left, the bike was already leaning to the left and then when I put my left foot down, I leaned even more to the left. I knew what was happening and valiantly tried to keep the bike upright, but unfortunately gravity won and the bike and I ended up on the road.

    At this point I was quite miffed with myself for my stupid behaviour and could practically hear one of the many instructors saying "don’t use the front brake when riding slowly", however, my anger soon turned towards the driver of the car. I didn’t blame the driver at all, my "incident" was 100% my fault. However, the driver slowed down a fraction, and then just drove off! Would it have hurt them to spend a precious minute of their day checking out if I was okay?

    Alone with my bike I then had the challenge of getting it up. I tried and tried but couldn’t succeed. Whilst this was going on three cars went past, not one person offering to help. Finally when I was beginning to despair, a good Samaritan wound down his window and asked if I wanted help. I enthusiastically said "yes, please". The guy who helped was great, within a second my bike was upright and he stayed to make sure I could get it started and ride off. I just hope he realized how thankful I was for his help.

    Once back home I checked the bike over and couldn’t find a single scratch. I put it away but later checked again, as surely I must have scratched it, and this was when I noticed the state of one of my Oggy knobs. It was a bit worse for wear, but obviously it was reason there were no scratches on my bike. I appreciate most beginners aren’t as clumsy/awkward as myself, but if your bike can have Oggy knobs and you don’t have them, I suggest they are a great investment.

    As for my riding, I’ve booked into HART for some practice sessions, hopefully they can help me keep the bike upright ... at least for a month ...