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Oggy knobs - friend or foe?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by alleyway, May 21, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    I've just bought a VTR250 and am a nervous L plater! A friend of mine advised me to get some oggy knobs to attach to my bike to minimise damage...

    Any thoughts on:

    1. whether oggy knobs are a good idea?

    2. how to attach these to the VTR and where?

    Another stupid question, I was reading the manual for the bike which said the tyre pressure should be 2.00 something....how does this translate to psi at the air pump?

    Thanks guys!
  2. 1. Yes
    2. They're self-adhesive, just lick the back of them thoroughly and stick wherever needed on the bike. The more you attach the better.

    Oh and be sure to video the installation and post it up to assist other noobs.
  3. I think that they're a great idea. They are going to cost you a few hundred bucks, but are an awful lot cheaper than replacing all of your fairings after your first 'off'.

    The idea is that they take the brunt of the damage and protect all of your expensive-to-repair fibreglass.

    Oh, and just to save you some embarrassment in the bike shop.........they're called Oggy Knobs :oops:
  4. gee,thats helpful for him.
  5. Google for PSI BAR CONVERSION

    1.0 bar = 14.5 psi
    2.0 bar = 29.0 psi

    Your front and rear tyres are usually different pressures, check
    carefully because it makes a big difference to bike handling.

    Buy and use your own good quality gauge as the ones at the
    servos are usually incorrect.

    WOOT~! 1000 posts! I need to get a life!
    (just kidding, took me ages to rack up 1000 posts)
  6. Not sure if oggy knobs are of huge benefit on the VTR250 (or if they're even available for the bike).

    The VTR's narrow enough that if it falls over at very low speed, only the tyres, pegs, handlebar ends and clutch/brake levers and muffler (on the right side) touch the ground. The engine and fueltank are pretty safe.

    A bigger crash might bend the handlebars into the tank or scratch the duck-tail, but oggies won't help there and you'll have much much bigger concerns than a few scratches in that case. *shrug*

    Edit: So no, I don't think they are worth it for the VTR250. A wider bike with narrower handlebars, especially a fully-faired one, might benefit from them.
  7. Some people reckon that Oggy Knobs only serve to catch on the floor and flip the bike up into a more violent reaction... hence causing more damage.

    They are good for relatively low-speed low-sides (ie where the front wheel loses traction and the bike goes down on its side) - something you'd probably be more prone to doing...

    i personally wouldn't bother and spend the money on getting some medium / advanced training so you don't fall off in the first place...
  8. Thanks for the heads up re the oggy! Learner in more ways than one I think! :oops:

    I'm one of the so-called "fairer" gender but thanks all the same! :wink:
  9. did they run out of coffee and biscuits at work this morning jd? you grumpy old fart j/k mate :LOL: :p
  10. Congrats on the VTR! I've got one myself great bike!

    My VTR was purchased from a riding school - with a couple of well-used oggy knobs already in place and I can tell you they've even stopped me from damaging the bike a couple of times.

    No-one plans on dropping their bike - but knowing the bike won't be damaged (bar maybe a scratch or two on the mirrors) does help to take the panic out of it. So all you need to think about is simply stepping out on the side thats falling (you don't want your leg under your bike) and ease it down, rather than drop it down. So apart from blowing a little smoke for a short while your good as gold.
  11. They didn't have oggies available for the VTR250 when I had mine, but... What I can't figure out is what use they are on the VTR250, having owned one.

    I bought mine 'pre-dropped', figuring that if it had fallen over once, then it would have learned its lesson and wouldn't do it again. It did fall off of its sidestand once because I parked badly, and (as I mentioned in my above post) only the handlebars, muffler, pegs and tyres can touch the ground.

    The friend I sold it to dropped it at low speed in the wet due to tramtracks, had to replace the clutch lever ($10), scratched up the end of the handlebar, but otherwise no damage.

    I just can't see what use they on the VTR are unless you have a big enough stack that the handlebars can't sacrificially protect the bike...? 'n it's not like the oggy knobs will protect the handlebars, unless they're a lot bigger than the photos suggest. :-k
  12. So stick oggys to the bars, muffler, pegs and tyres.
  13. I'm not sure if oggy knobs come in different sizes but, the bike came from a riding school so maybe they're funded for the extra features? My first drop I did have to replace the clutch lever (snapped in half) and there are scratches on the ends of the handle bars. Little things like that can be fixed/replaced but also mostly avoided if the bike is put down slowly.

    Oggies are not just for slow/no speed spills though - they can be good for slides. My boyfriend hit some leaf litter (at Mt Glorious) on this same bike. He and the bike slid a bit but if the oggy wasn't there the scratches would most definately have been all up the fuel tank. He lost a good chunk of the oggy that day - but not the paint work.
  14. Don't forget helmet, gloves and elbows. Tsk, safety first JD!

    Fitting note: If you rub them vigorously on your pullover they should have enough static to stay on for longish journeys.
  15. Check out Nibor's VTR in 'bikes for sale'. It has the oggy knobs fitted (I think, I best go double check...yep, all good, though they're ozzy knobs, not sure of the difference :?).

    It'll give you the idea of placement position, etc.
  16. But if you have round white things attached to your limbs you'll look like a squid.
  17. Expect an invoice in the mail billing you for damage done to the work laptop by my coffee.

    F'n brilliant, jd. :LOL:
  18. Can't quite tell from the pic posted for sale but would you put 1 on each side off the frame (or are there other oggys on there that I missed??!?) :oops:

    Thanks so much for your help guys
  19. Yeah, it sticks out a tad more than anything else on the body of the bike to protect it from low speed drops

    Anyone know where i can get them from these days? Or can i only get the ozynob crash knobs?

    Problem is that my bike isn't listed because it's not one of the popular models and the 2 retailers for ozynobs aren't replying to my emails