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Oggy knobs for a cbr?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by BJ, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. I've got a mate who has just purchased a cbr250R and spoke to a honda dealership Re: some oggy knobs to save his side fairings if he drops it.
    the honda bloke said oggy knobs are not availible for this model bike.
    it's an '89' model... does anybody know of Oggies being availible for these or any other brand name?

  2. if oggy don't make them others can be adapted to fit, but it's likely that a hole would have to be cut in the fairing to do so.
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  4. Its amazing how under utilised the search feature is
  5. ?Question?

    What are oggy's and what do they do , fit to on the bike etc.

    Thanks Paul.
  6. Oggy Knobbs is a BRAND name. Some times called frame sliders

    Oggy Knobbs offer damage minimisation for your bike in the event of crash. Instead of your expensive fairings and engine cases self destructing against the bitumen during a stack, Oggy Knobbs can minimise the damage by taking the brunt of the crash impact and road surface abrasion. Oggy Knobbs can really make a difference to the repair bill after a fall. You will often see them used on racing bikes because of how well they work.


  7. Hey there,
    Kewl sounds like a very good investment... :?: do you have to drill new holes or do somebikes have predrilled for this. Paul.
  8. Many of the newer bikes come with holes pre-drilled and or come with a bracket system.
    Many of the older bikes don't. best to ask a shop if they stock oggy knobbs to fit your bike and if so how are they fitted.
  9. :roll:

    I'm still very much amazed at how under utilised the search feature is...... even Google could have handled this one.

    I'm just glad its not possible to wipe someones arse on a forum because someone is bound to ask for it to be done.
  10. Hey mate its a forum right?... for chatting.. Of course I know theres a search, but I'd rather talk to a person about something then go use a search
  11. I knew it!!! You do want us to wipe your arse...its not going to happen.

    What chatting? Its written in a post? Surprisingly this 'conversation' has taken place a number of times before and since the 'conversations' are frozen in time you can jump onto the end of an existing one....if you are worried about it being a little stale then take a second and think about those exisiting users that have read the same question for the 10th time. Hate to break it to you but the wheel was invented a long time ago so you aren't breaking new ground with your WRITTEN question.

    If you are more into 'chatting' then by all means jump out of internet land and come along to any number of events that are held each week so you can partake in your prefered form of communication. We'd both get a whole lot more out of it.
  12. MATT232... as a moderator I understand you must have read the same questions again..etc.. doesnt mean you have to have a go at everyone that would like to ask about something... I came to this website to learn bit more about motorcycles - not be put off by asking a simple question.

    right so its not chatting to you, great.. glad to know your opinion...

    if your going to attack everyone that is interested in a subject and so happens to want to enquire about that subject eg. "oggy bars". you'll find a very empty forum... Why search when I could as you said "just jump onto the end" of the discussion already going.
    If you got off on the wrong side of the bed thats up to you to sort out.. no need to take it out on me. :grin:
  13. I haven't just read that question mulitple times I've answered it mulitple times......you tend to get tired of it after the first 4-5 times......and let me tell you the answer doesn't change.

    https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?p=213171#213171 (even the title of the thread is the same)

    So do those that have already contributed their time to the bulk of knowledge in the forum and search through it you'll be surprised at what you find.

    I've made a bit of an example of you becuase you posted straight after my post which prompted about using the search facility and asked a question that you'll find a a number of identical answers to if you made the effort to look.

    If you were truly interested in the topic then you would have made the effort to search for it. So stop being so lazy and just use the search feature.

    Here is something else you might have come across if you had of used the search feature.
  14. Forum = discussion.
    Encyclopedia = reference system.

    Just because a thread has been started before, doesn't mean there isn't valid discussion that hasn't taken place. That said... perhaps the SEARCH function should be more prominent.


  15. :oops:
    OKay I get the picture. Also those mini films are definately a laugh a minute DAMN funny! & informative..

    anyways will do next time.
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