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Oggy knobs/crash bungs worth the risk?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Spud Gun, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. I am thinking of getting some oggy knobs (crash bungs) for my 04 Sprint ST. These attach to the engine casing and don't damage the faring. But I have heard stories that some drops with oggy knobs attached have damaged the engine casing and in some cases have cracked it. I want to prevent serious bike damage, not trade one type of serious damage off for another. Is there truth to this or just an urban bike myth?

  2. I have no experience with them, although Robsalvv had a thread on here a week or two ago about how to get one OFF that was bet in an accident. I don't think the fram was damaged, though.

    I'm a braces and belt man, myself, and have a set of rather ugly but very effective Renntec (www.renntec.co.uk) engine bars on the Hornet. They have saved me a bundle of money....
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  4. I've heard one bad story similar to what you've heard, but if you've dropped it hard enough to do that, it probably would have damaged the bike a fair bit anyway. They must be doing some people good, heard plenty of good stories about them. I just ordered some last week.
  5. Oggy Knobs

    Having worked at BME & on the Bob Martin recovery trailer at SBK & Moto GP for years I've seen good & bad results. If it's a lowside slide on a smooth road, all good they work well & save panels etc. But if they dig into a pothole, look out! I've seen big damage to frames & engines that is nearly un-repairable. It's swings & roundabouts, sometimes they're good, sometimes ther're bad. Duncan.
  6. There was a write-up on this in one of the US mags a few months back, I can't remember which one though. I'm pretty sure they concluded that in a typical 'sliding' accident scenario they were the ducks guts. In 'impact type accidents they actually increased damage, but that made no real difference, because the bike would have typically been written off anyway, even if they had not been fitted. On balance, good idea......if you trust septics to have a clue...........
  7. Re: Oggy Knobs

  8. I've fitted them to the 9R's... and unfortunately, they've been money well spent. :roll:

    I'm rapt in the R and G racing brand of crash protection from the UK.... they have all manner of crash protection. The muffler protector is worth 5times the price... true.

    You can get them (very slowly) from australian motorcycle components website, or for the same price, directly from RnG.



    In tassie recently I had a low speed lowside that resulted in a badly bent slider... it bent because the slider dug into the dirt... but it saved a whole lot of other damage. No frame damage, and haven't had any frame damage in any prang.
  9. My question with Oggy knobs and the like are do they void the insurance?
    Can you insure a bike with them attached?

    If you have a crash and the force is transfered through the knob to the frame or engine would insurance see this and not cover it?

    Most stunters use them so i can only imagine them reducing damage or the people that crash alot wouldnt use them..
  10. Top questions, I wouldn't mind knowing the answers to them.
    I have them fitted on all bikes, but had them fittted after the insurance was arranged, maybe I need to call them and advise them of the change.

    I would be interested to know if they class crash knobs as an accessory or a modification to the bike.
  11. having oggy's on my bike saved it a fair bit of damage when the car knocked it over
  12. Insurance companies have no problem with them whatsoever.

    The (independant) insurance damage assessor is ultimately responsible for evaluating damage, you would hope that they had been trained well enough to look out for these things. They have no vested interest, and will usually claim any parts which they are in doubt over.

    Most stunters crash at relatively low speeds, at which crash bungs are effective.

    I won't put them on my track bike, as it can cope with slides no problems (no pretty paint/graphics here!), and they will potentially do further damage in other crash situations. It depends to a certain extent also on the model of bike. I have used them on all my road bikes, they will save damage in a low speed lowside or drop.

    +1 for R&G being very high quality gear. Not cheap, but very effective.
  13. Looking at tims R6 on the weekend I think it probably would have been a writeoff without them.

    Not that it was a big accident or anything - it's just how easily a plastic faired bike gets big repair bills... Even the sticker kits ALONE (without any smashed plastic are a couple of grand and now due to copyright laws and intellectual property rights few people will make "non genuine" genuine ones (if you know what I mean)

    A new set of oggy nobs is what - $150?

    That is an unbelievably good deal.
  14. A friend crashed his SV awhile back. The bike actually dug in flipped and landed on the other side, not too high speeds I was told. Engine and frame came out clean. A scratched and dented tank, clutch cover scratched up, rear tail piece broken, bar-ends ground and bent, ruined tires and other various bits and pieces. Its the little things that add up.
    I guess the oggys saved the most important bits which could have resulted in a write-off but the damage bill from the bits and pieces everywhere still added up to about 1500-2000$ for the insurance company.

    you save some, you loose some I guess
  15. they are the bees knees. the original oggy knobbs brand is the best. there are a few cheap imitations, but they are poorer quality. the oggys have cnc brackets for no drilling of fairings. depending on the bike, oggy knobbs have cross braces to spread the impact to the bracket on the opposite side as well.
  16. My experience mirrors some of that above.. for my track bike i'm still undecided (although they are on the bike) as they saved quite a bit of damage when i dropped it but as others have mentioned they can also cause damage. For a road bike i would put them on everytime.. if its a big accident the insurance company is going to cover any damage that may happen to the engine block and if it falls off the stand like mine has done once (and has happened with previous bikes) then they are magical as they save YOU having to fork out to fix minor damage or from having your pride dented when you scratch up you pride'n'joy.

    I respectfully disagree with N*A*M though as there are many overseas companies that have been making frame sliders for a long time before Oggy's come along like R&G racing for example. Personally i believe Oggys are just as good but the "cross braces" so you don't have to drill holes in the fairings are not the way i would go as they are not as strong IMO as the straight into the block type. Guess thats easy for me to say i didn't have to drill holes in the fairing :wink: I did have to drill holes in the plastic insert of my fairing though on the Prilla and i would do it again as i believe that this type are stronger. The other type is just for people who don't want to drill fairings. Having said that if you see my first point about insurance then the non-drill type would be fine also.
    Whew... my $0.02.